Apple Arcade’s very low price will attract even non-gamers

Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade

Ed Hardy for Cult of Mac:

Apple’s upcoming gaming service might be more affordable than many expect — way less than Google’s rival service. Apple Arcade could be just $4.99 a month, according to an unconfirmed report.

After paying the monthly subscription fee, players won’t be faced with in-app purchases or additional fees… Google’s Stadia Pro service will cost $9.99 a month when it debuts in November.

MacDailyNews Take: If Apple Arcade is truly just $4.99/month, it’s going to be wildly popular as it will offer over 100 groundbreaking new games, all you can play, with the ability to jump from your iPhone to iPad, Mac, and Apple TV! Plus that same $4.99/mo. will grant access for up to
six family members and you can play offline, too!


  1. This report is complete nonsense and the fact that MDN regurgitate it and add to the conjecture that it will also be the same price for up to six family members has gotta make you wonder if MDN are tapping the kegs on Mondays too?

    No way. Hey MDN I’ll “iCal” this okay?

    I don’t have a Crystal ball and I am not being paid or receiving clickbait cents for my opinion, but clearly it will cost anywhere between $9.99 – $19.99 a month for solo flyers. Which would still be amazing value to those into games.

    Yes MDN to those into games, not those who are not?

    Your site and MDN takes are an absolute joke, all you are doing is devaluing Apple Arcade by raising expectations and disappointing people when a much more realistic monthly fee is announced this fall.

    I don’t own Apple stock but I thought you MDN nerds did? Nothing stranger than folk!

  2. Wow, the hate here is disgusting and atrocious. MDN does a brilliant job every day and their takes are spot on

    Haters should go to Android Daily News where they belong. Shame on haters! Haters gonna hate, sadly.

  3. I could see Apple making a great deal if they knew anything about gaming. Show me a HALO, Gears of War, Ghost Recon Wildlands, titan fall, Destiny, a real SPACE MMORPG, but’s force, anthem, The Last of Us… etc., but they like cartoonish, artsy, platform games, that people play because there’s nothing else.

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