Everything known about Apple Watch Series 5, which could launch as soon as next month

Apple Watch Series 4 is designed and engineered to help you be even more active, healthy, and connected.
Apple Watch Series 4

Activity trends. Cycle tracking. Hearing health innovations. The App Store on your wrist. With watchOS 6, set to be released this fall, you get the insights you need to stay healthy and fit.

Lisa Eadicicco for Business Insider:

If the recent rumors and reports are any indication, it looks like the next iteration of the Apple Watch will take the company’s health ambitions even further.

Apple nixed the option to buy an Apple Watch with a ceramic casing when it cut the luxe Apple Watch Edition from its lineup in 2018. Now, however, there’s a chance that Apple Watch shoppers will once again be able to buy an Apple smartwatch with a ceramic finish. TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known for making accurate predictions about upcoming Apple products, said in February that he expects to see a new ceramic casing design…

Apple has unveiled new Apple Watch models every year since 2015, so there’s a chance it could do the same this year. The company typically announces its new Apple Watches and iPhones during the same September event.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, bring back the Apple Watch Edition! The Apple Watch Series 3 Edition with its durable ceramic case was a work of art. We missed not having that option in Series 4.


  1. Well, of all the interesting things I’d like to read about concerning the watch, a ceramic case is way down on the list. What about blood pressure readings? That’s actually important. With the sensor for the EKG, plus the heart rate sensor, software can figure out blood pressure. Is that going to happen?

    And what about the possibility of noninvasive blood sugar readings? Better battery life?

    These are what we would like to read are coming. only a tiny number would spend the extra for a ceramic case. I have the black SS Series 4 model, and bracelet. I’m looking forwards to the new model.

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