Apple Card makes iPhone even stickier

The new Apple Card credit card will help Apple retain iPhone users since the interface for the card is an iPhone app, and users won’t be able to pay their balance from a web browser or Android phone.

Kif Leswing for CNBC:

Apple Card could end up being a smashing success even if it doesn’t contribute a meaningful amount to the company’s services revenue or end up being Apple’s beachhead in the financial industry.

Rather, the Apple Card is all about keeping users glued to Apple’s most important product: the iPhone.

The primary interface for the credit card is on your iPhone — and that includes for paying bills. If you lose your iPhone, you have to pay your bill from another iOS device, or you can call an Apple support phone number, which will connect you to Goldman Sachs to pay your bill, according to Buzzfeed. There’s no web portal on Apple’s website.

All this means is that if you have an Apple Card, it’s going to be hard to switch to Android, at least before you pay off your balance. The credit card makes the phone much stickier.

MacDailyNews Take: So, not only will you become a green bubble destroying group messages with your caveman SMS, open yourself to all manner of toxic hellstew malware, have your privacy trampled and abused every second of every day and night, and never see a software upgrade after you downgrade to a fake iPhone, you’ll lose not only Continuity with your other Apple devices, but your Apple Card, too!

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