Hundreds of bees drop dead around ‘5G towers’ in California

Simon Green for Daily Star:

Bizarre footage showing hundreds of bees dead on the floor surrounding what appeared to be two 5G towers has gone viral.

The superfast broadband has sparked controversy since rolling out this year, with health experts claiming it could have serious side effects on humans. And there are now claims online that bees could also be affected after a video went viral. The clip – taken in Sierra Madre, California – shows the lifeless bodies of the bees lying on the ground…

But others questioned what was seen in the clip. Some pointed out the bees could just be drone bees – which die after mating. Others claimed the poles could not be holding 5G broadband, with one saying: “5G has only been installed in major cities, dude. It’s not in Sierra Madre and it probably never will be.”

MacDailyNews Take: We very much doubt these non-5G towers killed these bees.


    1. If there is anything certain in the Tech industry, it is that the early adopters are the Guinea Pigs. Testing in consumer electronics is a joke at best — much like Pharma and laboratory invented foods. If it doesn’t kill you in a matter of hours, they consider it safe enough and the corrupt / toothless regulatory agencies are politically pressured to stamp approval. ASAP.

      Meanwhile the average consumer can’t understand why cars, airplanes, trains, etc all cost so much.

      1. This technology is clearly very dangerous and needs to be stopped. 5G is a Microwave frequency that gets absorbed by our skin it does not pass through like a radio frequency. And just a heads up because of the telecommunication act of 1996 all telecommunication companies in the United States have 0 liability for any ill health effects caused by their equipment. They say it’s safe even though they have no proof. But if it’s not safe it does not matter because they are exempt from liability . We expect a company that has zero liability to put out a safe product 😂 why would they?
        The head of the FCC is a former telecommunication executive😂 we expect him to put fair regulations on his buddies? lol come on let’s wake up and look what’s going on around us we’re being conned.
        In 2017 six firefighters became sick only weeks after two towers were installed on their station. After two months the towers were removed and brain scans were done. All 6 of these firefighters had abnormal cellular damage in their brain, and after that the firefighters got all installations of these towers blocked from their stations. The one place these companies cannot put these towers legally are firefighter stations. If it’s not safe for them do you think it’s safe for schools or neighborhoods??
        Come on, my fellow humans let’s use our brains if these billion dollar corporations have no
        Liability should we trust them when they say that they think it’s safe???
        Have big corporations been honest before with the public when a lot of money was at stake??
        Let’s for once put people’s health before profits? Please I beg all of you to take notice of what’s going on around us and look past the distractions.

        1. Assuming your claim of 5G being a microwave frequency, it would certainly make sense that any objects/organisms that get close enough would be ‘fried’. The question is does the equipment still pose a problem at the distance that they would be placed from at least people in buildings or passing on streets? Would devices using 5G signals have harmful effects on those in close proximity?

          Appreciate the heads-up, please provide citations to back up any claims you make for those interested in the sources you used to make them.

          1. all communication including your wifi is considered a “microwave”. its a safe frequency. you only get “fried” when the amplitude is large. Think about ocean waves, is frequency of the waves or the size that hurts you? its the size of course. Microwave ovens are like tsunami waves and communication antennas like the one in your pocket right now is like ebb and flow of country pond.

        2. you clearly dont know anything about electromagnetism or biology. 5G has been deployed at 3.5GHz. thats frequency is used for communication for decades. namely in wifi. If 5Q frequencies were “dangerous” then literally every person in america would have radiation burns and cancer. its safe dont be silly. It passes through the walls of your house and your body. radiation is emitted from everything including the rock in your garden and the ones in your head. The radio waves used in communication like wifi and satellites like gps dont have high enough frequency or amplitude to be dangerous. Microwave is lower frequency than visible light but higher than radio waves. Things dont get dangerous until you get up to ultraviolet (the stuff that come from that bright circle in the sky). And they dont become really dangerous until we get up to x and gamma rays. no communication is done with these waves. You are spreading lies about a subject you know nothing about. Most 9th graders could explain this to you so why dont you go ask one. Or better yet do some research, read a few websites that arent also selling you magic crystals and snake oil. Look at peer reviewed researched that has been performed for hundreds of years.

          1. ….You seem to really know your sh*t, eh? I guess you didn’t follow any of the links to actual incidents? Some folks are already harmed by this technology and the governing bodies are paid off, just like the MIC, big Pharm, health insurance, and every product that corporations make and then use us for guinea pigs such as toxic paints, plastics and chemicals in our food. Not harmful… ass….

          2. Literally, cancer is becoming the #1 killer in America. Wake up. Of course EMFs, wifi, cell towers, 5G, smartmeters, etc… are contributing to American’s poor health.

    2. Whether tested or not, deemed safe or not , one thing’s for sure , money is what will be the factor in putting them up everywhere . Control food , you control the people. Agenda 21/30. Author: United nations.

    3. No – it hasn’t been tested.
      In the US, the cell industry got itself exempted from the regulations that government even environmentally destructive industries like oil.
      In Canada, the regulations were written by industry — not “kind of” or “with the participation of… and the prime criterion they used was immediate, measureable harm. Health Canada just handed over that responsibility.
      I don’t think either of these points has been corrected.

      1. I am somewhat concerned about the rush to 5G. I’m not at all implying that there’s necessarily a danger to it, but there’s no evidence there ISN’T. The US military users milimeter wave weapons as area denial weapons, where they can make your skin feel like it’s literally on fire.

        I’m not being a crazy conspiracy kook, but at the same time, we are running headlong intuitive something when 4G is already sufficient

        Think about it. You create a big network or system to solve a problem. What problem exists right now? The only upside I can see is it’s an opportunity to sell us something we don’t need to do things we don’t even necessarily want to do.

    4. No sir, it’s effects haven’t been tested. On humans nor on our environment. The only testing of any sort that’s been done is by the scientific communities that are saying it’s got to be stopped. And of course that’s all conspiracy theories and quackery.

    5. You got to think about who is doing the testing….scariest words I have heard strung together are FDA Approved…..Verizon has a lot of money riding on this 5G failure is not an option…..magically approved safe….

    6. World scientists have signed a petition to stop 5g because of negative health effects but our telcos and governments seem to be turning a blind eye. Do a search for Californian fire fighters health living underneath 5g towers, or UK schoolkids and cancer rates near 5g towers, or any number of 5g related health concerns to humans, birds, bees and other animals. If population control is of concern, 5g has customers willing to pay for it!!

  1. Hear: my two sense…..

    I spent 20 years taking care of Common Carrier 6 Ghz microwave relay towers (among other duties). Some also had cell panels and others had FM antennas and of course most had regular UHF/VHF off-air antennas (frequency tuned).

    On occasion I would see several birds at the base after migration. Never a large number, maybe 5-8 at the most but still not something you want to see.

    Also, more times than I like to remember, while working anywhere from 200-500 feet up and as the day warmed up in Spring/Fall the tower would get covered in wasp (almost always RED wasp!!). Was never stung, not once even though they would light on me or be on the climbing rungs. Very unnerving until you just set that aside along with the rest of the crazy stuff going on at that height. (BTW I never found out why they go so high and seemingly do nothing, other tower-dogs told of the same experiences).

    Very seldom did I see bees other than a few hives and those below 20′. Oddly enough, saw tons of spider webs that were caught in the winds….also weird.

    Here is my point; if this happened at one tower because of the frequency/compression scheme/power then it will happen at many other towers. If it was just a freak die-off like happens in many places then it was just a coincidence.

    I do believe this should be considered very carefully since we all have more need for bees than Netflix.

    1. Its been well known since Darwin noted “aeronautical spiders” landing on the Beagle 60 miles out to sea, festooning the rigging with silk strands. He also noted them taking off again. It’s usually called ‘ballooning’ and recognised as a population expansion survival mechanism and may be only a few yards or hundreds of miles. Darwin also suggested some electrostatic propulsion mechanism as a means of getting airborne.
      Turns out he was right:
      …spiders do indeed utilise e-fields via trailing silk strands to induce a -ve charge enabling take off from the +ve charge of the earth, plant leaves, pine needles or whatever. Spiders have been found in the air column up to 10,000 ft.
      When the e-field changes they drop out of the sky en masses and may well end up on a mast structure.
      Agree completely, bees need special protection along with wasps, flies, moths, butterflies and a host of other vital pollinators, which makes it doubly troubling that Trump’s EPA has relaxed rules governing the use of known bee toxic pesticides responsible for a 40% surge in Colony Collapse Syndrome losses for US beekeepers in one year, by utilising industry sponsored “research”and discounting the verifiable previous EPA evidence that said the opposite whilst simultaneously stopping any monitoring of pollinator/insecticide interaction population changes.

      If you disagree, I would suggest your concern for the bees survival is a sham and…oh wait…what’s GoeB’s favourite bleet…undiluted virtue signalling.

      1. Thanks for your elementary-level teaching, odd thing about the spiders was how MANY (not that they did it at all), but then I don’t expect much comprehension from an elementary-level person.

        BTW, how many PROFESSIONAL beekeepers do you know that are in the thick of this stuff? Oh, wait….who needs THEIR opinion when you have an agenda…right? I mean, LEFT!!

        1. Since you ask, I took over my fathers bees, currently 23 hives, feeding on spring flowers and forestry trees then clover and finally heather. All organic. None of them lean to the left or the right silly.
          I have had three colony collapses in two years, one to disease introduced by parasitic wasps or hornets and two to insecticide sprayed upwind of a friend’s apple orchard. Given I have kept bees successfully for over thirty years, been an appointed voting delegate to the UK’s BBKA on numerous occasions, been entrusted with collating research papers regarding bee health for association policy, teach urban beekeeping – all with the everpresent threat of possible anaphylactic bee sting reactions, I’d say I was professionally qualified to comment.

          1. TowerTone is a keyboard cowards who makes no sense, not even when he writes his paltry and stingy two cents worth.

            You’re a brilliant person in comparison, Gotcha, and when it comes to slamming TowerTone for his tone deaf ignorance, “Gotcha” indeed.

    1. I was under the impression that with 5G, the coverage area of each tower is much smaller thus requiring more cell points. Being near a metropolitan area doesn’t necessarily mean the 5G signal is the cause. especially if the new equipment has been installed on existing towers. The 4G (and lower) signals are probably more likely if at all.

    1. Hey Ronner, your stew-piditea is a coming sign of your gullibility and naïveté. Thanks for using free speech to illuminate this so brightly so we all know you’re an unreliable person who thinks Alexandria Ocuntsio-Cuntez actually knows anything for the real world.

  2. I wish these unthinking vertical nincompoops would stop shooting in Portrait or “Vertiscope” mode – sheer laziness! Frustrating to viewers as you are missing vital side information. There’s a reason movies aren’t shot this way. During disasters these idiot shooters fail the capture these events adequately. The way you take calls is NOT the way you shoot video.

  3. Regardless of the level of veracity of this video, 5G has not been proven safe to biological entities; and it’s up to the 5G pushers, yes including Apple, to prove its safety instead of being left up to victims to prove harm.

  4. Russian propaganda. We’ve been broadcasting on these frequencies for decades. There is no need for any testing. This is not new technology. TV signals wont suddenly cause cancer because they changed networks. By the way quick research shows no 5G in Sierra Madre.

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