Don’t use cloud backup services to make copies of your Time Machine volumes

Glenn Fleishman for Macworld:

Time Machine is a simple and generally effective way to make an ongoing archive of a Mac’s files and folder structure. But it’s only a single copy of your data… That single, on-site copy is a problem. It’s why I’ve recommended for many years that people also use a cloud-based backup service that has robust encryption.

Now you might think that on top of that belt and suspenders (Time Machine or a local copy plus cloud archives), you should back up your Time Machine volume to an online cloud service too…

Unfortunately, it doesn’t play out in practice. Backblaze specifically omits any volume that’s marked as a Time Machine backup, while Carbonite discourages it and Code42 explains the drawback.

MacDailyNews Take: In his full article, Fleishman offers some excellent strategies on how to enhance and solve these situations – check it out!


  1. Best practices for backups say to keep 3 copies, not 1.

    To consider using a cloud backup service also presumes that one has a sufficiently small amount of data such that it won’t take forever to make a restore. For example, at a theoretically perfect transfer rate on a 100Mbps connection, no less than 22 hours per TB is required.

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