Jony Ive’s swan song: Apple Park is worth $4 billion+

Danny Zepeda for iMore:

“What you need to know

  • Apple Park is worth $4.17 billion according to county estimates.
  • That puts Apple’s headquarters as one of the most valuable buildings in the world.
  • The figure accounts for the land, the building and everything inside…”

From SF Chronicle:

New figures released this week show the tech giant’s circular headquarters in Cupertino was assessed at $3.6 billion by Santa Clara County for property tax purposes. The valuation doesn’t perfectly coincide with its market value — how much it would sell for — but is based off a detailed appraisal of the building, which opened in 2017.

If you include computers, furniture and even farm equipment to take care of the property’s trees, the figure rises to $4.17 billion for the fiscal year that ended in June, the assessor’s office said.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Park is Jony Ive’s tribute to his old friend, Steve Jobs. It looks like he put his soul into it. We’d love to see more pictures from inside the building — it’s one of the most valuable places on the planet and yet looks like it arrived from another place…


  1. I’m sitting here watching Jobs for the first time on HBO and I’m 22 minutes in and there is a tear in my eye. Actually more that one and in both eyes. The scene where Lisa draws her own “abstract” strikes a bell that most, I’ll be gentle, Mac users don’t get. As a matter of fact, the naysayers about Cook and no Mac Pro wanter’s don’t get. The Mac is the computer for the rest of us. It’s a tool and no tool is that successful if it is not simple to use. Jobs understood that. 5 minutes later Woz and Jobs are arguing about slots in the Apple II. Jobs says 2, Woz says 8. Jobs advocates for a closed system. Woz wants slots. People don’t need slots.

    I was blessed that when I was introduced to the mac at a dealer training after the Superbowl the sound worked and the Mac said Hello to us in a darkened room. It was magical

    The dealer rep spoke as to why we were called to their offices for a product introduction from Apple. Most product introductions from vendors were spares kits and repair documentation along with a demo unit. While the product rep spoke, Ron XXXX was roller skating back and forth behind the riser and podium he was speaking from. He had a white shirt and was wearing a kilt and had a bag over his shoulder. Back and forth this guy is roller skating behind the podium. When he was introduced, he placed the bag on the podium, unpacked it, plugged in the keyboard, mouse and power cable and turned it on. When it booted up, it said Hello. What jobs was wrestling with during the first 22 minutes of the film worked for dealer training.

    At that point Char and I, another salesperson I worked with, looked at each other in the eyes and both said at the same time, “We Be Mac’n Now” so I knew at that point the Magic in the Macintosh that Jobs saw. The magic ‘Lisa” was able to access within minutes of working with the Macintosh.

    What does that have to do with Apple Park? Like Arthur C. Clarke, Jobs new that the computer was just a tool to accomplish many things. Slots. Buggy whips. Easy access to the innards. So 19th century.

    Will there be Mac Pros on 10 years. I doubt it. Will access to information on a myriad of devices be what matters? Yes.

    It’s Apple, Inc. Not Apple, Computer any more.

    1. I have three previous version cheese grater Mac Pros. They have a bunch of slots, removable drives on clip out sleds and even the processors come out on a tray. Built by Jobs and Jony Ive, This way after the Apple II.

      There were also other pro Tower Macs before that.

      More accurately Jobs built for users. All kinds of users including pros.

      He used to run on stage shootouts of Photoshop etc. of high end Macs vs PCs where the audience would chant “!,2.3.. “ seconds as the PCs struggled to complete a test after the Mac finished

      He wanted simplification for ease of use, not necessarily dumbing down to the lowest power use consumer.

      1. Please note that Jobs had powerful pro tower Macs with slots at the same time as he had Mac minis, iMacs, laptops and IPads.

        Just making ‘underpowered Mac’ for mid range users is actually not an Apple thing.

        Don’t believe me? Look at the iPhone, does apple build the most powerful phones it can or does it just go for the largest lower end ‘ just – good – enough ‘ groups?

        If we don’t believe iPhones should be underpowered , why should Macs?

        (I’m not saying Apple should ONLY build most expensive powerful phones but that it should at the higher end build the most powerful devices and not vacate that spot as it did for awhile with Macs)

        I don’t see the new the new Mac Pro as a dinosaur but Apple Mac resurgence and reclaiming it’s proper place .

        1. Its proper place?
          iMac introduction – Consumers #1 use for computers – Internet
          “The right computer will be a bicycle for the mind. What if, instead of it being in the right hands, it was in everyones hands.”

          A Mac Pro doesn’t sound like it fits that.

          1. the no.1 use of a smart phone is probably texting
            why do we need a super powered ‘A’ processor special GPU iPhone?
            According to your logic Apple should just build phones equal to low end androids that can also text

            also following your logic apple should just throw away all their macs like the MBP and just make Chromebook like Netbooks because ‘No.1 use for them is internet.’

            BTW many of those years Jobs built super powered Macs people were also surfing the Net.

            Also can’t a Mac Pro besides making all kinds of things like MOVIES ALSO surf the net? I can buy a Mac Pro and also surf the net right?

            Why are you non Mac Pro users so bothered about people buying Mac Pros? does that stop Apple building or you from buying cheap Macs???

          2. “iMac introduction – Consumers #1 use for computers – Internet”

            did you notice that the latest iMacs can have pretty powerful i5 or i7 processors with up to 6 Cores and up to 32 GB of RAM. Not to mention there’s an iMac Pro ?

            Shoot the Mac MINI (the Mini ! ) can have Six Core Turbo Boosted i7 !!

            surely that’s overkill for Net surfing ?

            “A Mac Pro doesn’t sound like it fits that.”
            Those iMacs, the MBPs, the top Mac Mini don’t sound like basic net surfers either.

            1. Largely, the “which Mac?” issue here is centered on two things.

              First, from a Pareto Principle perspective, in providing solutions to the “not the 80%” portion of the use cases and workflows.

              Second, in addressing user consumption patterns, just how can Apple profits be enhanced by Cloud services?

              Put these two together and we see that the strategy is for a “thinner” client to move the customers data to the cloud, so that cloud storage has to be rented.

              That’s what’s driving closed boxes and single drive machines.

            2. @hh

              “80%” “thinner Client”

              But why not take the other 20% as well, especially as they are the more expensive larger profit margin machines?

              Apple HAS thinner clients like like lower end iPads.

              But do people believe high end users who have said over and over again they need power are just going to use their “Mac Pro money” and use them to buy 100 low end iPads instead and have 100 iCloud accounts ?
              Nope, the high end user is just going to spend their money ELSEWHERE and Apple loses profits.

              Why Apple should leave profits on the table (the large profit margin pro machines) and not scoop them ? Macbook Pros, MPs , high end iMac money is somehow like DIRTY or something ?
              Tim Cook going to say “Shit, I don’t want any of these MBP $ billions.. “.

              Please note as I’ve said above : besides the Mac Pro, high end iMacs, MBPs and even the higher end Mac Mini with i7 are NOT just thin client cloud machines.

              (Note also the iPhone addresses the high end market, has only 20% market share but takes 70 -80% of cell phone profits while the low end android makers eke out the rest)

              Apple Financial Reports for years : “MACS MAKE MONEY THAN IPADS EVERY QUARTER ” including last quarter.
              they make more than TV, Watch and AirPods Combined !
              Note high end users ALSO use iCloud services, probably a lot more than low end users.

              There is nothing to stop Apple from pursing BOTH like thin client and high end.

              Does anybody really believe Apple which just built a 4 billion office with designer ceiling tiles and door handles, 3 storey glass doors, and a Fruit Farm ‘lacks resources’ ?

              When iPod and iTunes was booming and people said Apple should be a ‘music’ company and STOP MAKING MACS , Jobs doubled down on Macs and made dozens of models (iMac bubble, lampshade, Flat, Mac clamshell iBooks, White MacBooks, Aluminum MacBooks, Macbook Air, G4 Plastic Towers, G5 and Intel Cheese Graters etc etc ). Jobs ran one NEW Mac Ad a month , 66 Mac PC guy ads in 4 years even after iPhone


              The reason why I’m so persistent here is that many of us high end users have asked Apple to address our neglected needs and they are finally waking up. Apple looking at the finances quarter after quarter finally came back to the conclusion that they are losing profits from Mac neglect , thus the revamped Mini, the boosted iMacs, the iMac Pro and now the MP.

  2. No doubt that it is impressive but considering the amount of land, I thought it’d be way more.

    The new Yankee Stadium cost $2.3 Billion to build and the land it was built on is only a tiny speck in comparison. It’s only a darn stadium.

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