1. I don’t think OpenID’s statement is a matter of opinion. It’s either true or false.

    They certainly can be wrong, however this smells like a blatant lie. I think their concerns are in the proprietary nature of Apple’s sign in process, which they do admit is mostly conforming to OpenID standards.

    Apple provides a randomly generated email address and lacks of ability to track the person.

    They both have to trust Apple’s proprietary validation process and lose tracking or spamming the user. Seems too much.

    They do not have to accept it. Just don’t use Apple’s logon process. See how that works for you.

    I know what I am gong to use.

    Several years ago when I tried to delete some mistakenly created OpenIDs I came to the conclusion I didn’t want any part of their system.

  2. I got the impression (though they are deliberately obscure) that they are claiming its less secure only because in the places you can’t use it customers may use very insecure means in its place when it is not available. Interesting Apple would claim of course by limiting who can use this method to those it trusts it would be a security asset as such sign in should not be applied to suspect sites in the first place. Will be interesting to see who proves to be telling the truth here. With some of the the guys on the OpenID side I rather feel its them more concerned about losing business rather than any unspecified security threat but hey ho others may feel differently and when Cook is around who knows what devious ways to milk an opportunity he may be seeing.

    But some of us remember that the major security concerns with ApplePay was not the Apple side of the affair but the Banks blasé approach to giving out access to it outside of Apples control, so I can understand why Apple might see this one differently both in terms of security and to those given access to its use otherwise its ‘security’ may become meaningless in reality.

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