The new 2019 iPod touch will support all of Apple’s new services

The new iPod touch features Group FaceTime and AR experiences, a first for iPod.
The new iPod touch features Group FaceTime and AR experiences, a first for iPod.

“Apple on Tuesday announced a new iPod Touch, replacing the previous model that was introduced in 2015,” Todd Haselton reports for CNBC. “The new iPod touch starts at $199 and includes Apple’s A10 Fusion processor, the same chip used in Apple’s older iPhone 7 that launched in 2016.”

MacDailyNews Note: The previous generation iPod touch (6th gen.) featured Apple’s A8 SoC which debuted in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on September 9, 2014.

“It includes support for augmented reality apps, for example, which also work on the latest iPads and iPhones and allow people to place digital objects on top of the real world,” Haselton reports. “It will also support all of Apple’s new services, including Apple News+, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+, which launch later this fall, and Apple TV Channels. It also supports Group FaceTime, which allows up to 32 people to video chat at the same time.”

Haselton reports, “The $200 price point may appeal to people who want to give their kids a device that can access Apple’s content without paying for a phone data plan.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, the iPod touch is still selling and now, especially with more than enough horsepower to run Apple Arcade content, it’ll be selling that much better!

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  1. I’m getting one. It’s about time it got updated. Seems we went through this the last time too. Long time gap between the previous update. I use my iPod touch more than I use my phone.

    From a strictly audio perspective, I still think my G4 iPod touch sounds better than the current G6. I hope the new one has an improvemed audio chip.

    The show stopper will be whether or not it has a headphone jack.

    1. Headphone jack!

      This is good, I assumed a new iPod touch was DOA. Nothing wrong with an entry-level iOS device which recycles off-the-shelf tech.

      But I’m surprised they didn’t bump the screen to 4.7″ to match the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, AND iPhone 8. Since those devices now have the smallest screen size and use the same screen resolution, wouldn’t it be time to ditch the 4″ screen with it’s (now) non-standard resolution?

      1. News Flash:

        Some men have small hands, prefer to keep their device in a snug pocket, want to use their device one-handed, or all three of the above.

        More women have small hands and snug pockets.

        Most children have even smaller hands.

  2. When I got my iPhone XR I had a 129 GB 6s plus with a cracked screen, and when I figured out the cost of getting the screen replaced and the trade in value resulting, I figured I might as well just get it fixed, take advantage of the battery replacement deal, and keep it with cell service deactivated as an Ipod touch.

    Does this new iPod touch offer significantly more to be worth the cost?

  3. What about supporting CarPlay? I keep an iPod in my car that’s always connected because plugging/unplugging my iPhone for a few-minute trip is more trouble than it’s worth. But I’m forced to use the car’s crappy interface. I see no reason why an iPod couldn’t support the non-phone CarPlay functionality of an iPhone.

  4. It would be nice if Apple would explain how this hardware update improves performance or capability over its ancient predecessor. All Apple does on its web page is push services you can access with the newest iPod, and of course mention that its 2 year old A10 chip is faster than the predecessor IPT A8 chip. No sher, shitlock. Did Apple really just retire the old A8 chip, that is all? Looks like it. No other change worth mentioning. If so, then this is the Apple weakest update ever, even by Cook’s pathetic 4+ year product cycle standards.

    Apple: how about a 512 Gb option?
    How about progressing past Bluetooth 4.1 ?!?!?!
    How about making the iPod a superior audio performer with a step up in D/A converter?
    How about implementing the old MBP optical digital mini Toslink in the 3.5mm audio jack?
    How about some more battery life?
    How about a waterproof design?
    How about a ruggedized version for outdoors use?

    Such a lazy update shows how Apple can’t even keep consistent or innovative in its most elemental products. Prices stay insanely great though. Come on Apple, you can do better than this.

    1. Stay Awake,

      You are describing a device that would be the size of a brick at the price of an iPhone Xr. This is an iPod, and is priced and equipped accordingly. That’s also why there isn’t the same $130 cellular option for the iPod touch as with an iPad, which would make it the legendary iPhone SE2.

      I am betting that the major reason for the A10 iPod, announced this week, is that the iOS upgrade to be announced next week will not run on an A8. So anything older than an iPhone 6s (or possibly a 7) is going to be frozen at iOS 12.4 (a final bug fix for the current OS). We are already there for Macs from before mid-2012 that don’t support Metal.

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