Apple again puts iPhone SE on clearance sale, starting at $249

“The iPhone SE is available for purchase again as Apple brought the small handset back to the clearance section of its online store,” Valentina Palladino reports for Ars Technica.

“While supplies last, you can get a 32GB iPhone SE for $249 and a few select 128GB models for $299,” Palladino reports. “Those prices represent up to $150 off of the iPhone SE’s listing price of $349 to $449.”

Palladino reports, “It’s unclear how long these deals will last, but we expect this batch of clearance iPhone SEs to disappear just as quickly as the last.”

Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE
Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Get ’em while they last here.


        1. Agreed on Face ID. An over hyped tech gimmick we don’t need. Lifting the phone to your face all day is awkward and ostentatious to say the least. Fingerprint ID is much more discreet and a bit faster than lifting your arm.

          Yes, the SE stands alone as the top small form factor smartphone in history! 👏🏻

          Two weeks ago bought the Gold SE 128GB for $299. When I bought my first SE on launch day in March 2016 the 64GB model sold for $499 and the 128GB for $599.

          The article: “Those prices represent up to $150 off of the iPhone SE’s listing price of $349 to $449.” Not the best part. I saved $300. WooHoo!…

  1. Best iPhone yet – I should know – I freaking own it, and it’s never let me down (though I did replace the battery after a couple years of heavy use).

    All of Apple’s other phones can go F off with that slippery design that barely fits in my pocket.

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