Engadget reviews Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Air: ‘It’s the Goldilocks iPad: Just right’

“For the past few years, Apple’s iPad lineup has had a large and obvious hole in it. At one end, there’s the $329 iPad, an affordable way to do basic computing and run the many excellent apps out there. It cuts some corners with a years-old design, older processors and a less-advanced screen, but for most people it’s good enough,” Nathan Ingraham writes for Engadget. “At the other end, there’s the iPad Pro, which Apple has made increasingly more powerful in the three years since it first arrived. At this point, it’s a bleeding-edge device with Apple’s best design, a crazy-fast processor and a big, beautiful screen. It’s also quite a bit more expensive, with a starting price of $799.”

“The gap between those two devices is so pronounced that Apple is filling it with a new tablet, the $499 iPad Air — though calling it new might be a stretch,” Ingraham writes. “t’s not the most inspired or exciting product Apple has built… [but] The $499 iPad Air is a notable upgrade in almost every respect over the $329 iPad. It has a bigger, better screen, more storage and support for Apple’s Smart Keyboard case. Unless you’re on a tight budget, it’s worth the extra cash and is probably the best all-around iPad you can buy right now.”

The new iPad Air with support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard introduces high-end features and performance at a breakthrough price.
The new iPad Air with support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard introduces high-end features and performance at a breakthrough price.

“After a week with the iPad Air, I’m convinced it’s the best iPad for most people. It offers clear and significant benefits over the standard iPad, including double the storage, a much better screen and support for the smart keyboard — while still being affordable,” Ingraham writes. “If the iPad Pro is Apple’s vision for the future of computing, the iPad Air is a device meant for right now, with a price point and feature set that’ll make almost anyone happy. It’s the Goldilocks iPad: just right.”

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  1. If it had 4 speakers, sold. Or at two in lanscape mode at least. Really lame that after 9 years and all the new marketing showing it in a horizontally in landscape mode, it still has two “stereo” speakers on one side. When you hold it vertically, which I rarely do, they don’t sound stereo anyway.

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