Adobe’s After Effects can now automatically erase objects in video clips

“In 2010, Adobe introduced one of Photoshop’s first true ‘smart’ features: a tool called Content-Aware Fill that could intelligently remove and replace objects in a scene,” Andrew Liszewski writes for Gizmodo. “Today, Adobe is now bringing a version of that tool to its compositing software, After Effects, that does essentially the same thing but on moving video clips, which is far more challenging.”

“Admittedly, when it was initially rolled out in Photoshop CS5, Content-Aware Fill rarely worked as effortlessly or flawlessly as it appeared to in the company’s demos,” Liszewski writes. “But over time, and several versions of Photoshop, the tool was refined and improved to the point where, more often than not, its automated corrections became impossible to detect.”

“Content-Aware Fill tool for video will be available for After Effects CC 2019 users starting today after a software update, and Adobe suggests it will be especially useful for jobs like removing rigging or boom mics from shots, erasing unwanted watermarks, or deleting a person from a clip altogether,” Liszewski writes. “Don’t expect flawless results right away, but over time this will undoubtedly become a powerful, and potentially controversial, tool.”

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