Leaked schematic reveals next-gen iPhone with triple-lens camera in triangular arrangement

“Serial phone leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (@OnLeaks) has shared another alleged leak of Apple’s next-generation iPhone, presumably scheduled to launch around September this year,” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors.

The image “depicts handset chassis schematics newly posted to Slashleaks alongside Hemmerstoffer’s earlier CAD rendering of an iPhone, all with a large patch on the rear of the device that appears to house three lenses,” Hardwick reports. “Hemmerstoffer says the chassis leak supports his claim that at least one version of the next iPhone will feature a rear triple-lens camera system in a triangular configuration, based on information he has sourced previously.”

Hardwick reports, “In January, Hemmerstoffer released renderings of the supposed iPhone 2019 model, with a similar unusual-looking patch on the rear for three lenses, a flash, and a mic.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Certainly, if the lens arrangement isn’t laid out symmetrically, it’d be for a reason, as Apple seems to like symmetry when possible. Likely, in real life, it’ll look more like a black square camera bump than a seemingly haphazard arrangement of lenses, flash, and mic.


  1. Greeeeeat…. Just what we need, another camera. Why doesn’t Apple just change the name from iPhone to iCamera as that seems to be the only modification and love Apple puts fortth. I wish Apple geniuses would work on the phone part of their iPhone to pick up where the slackards of the telecom boobs at T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are with their network’s inability to provide 100% coverage, 100% of the time, and no, I’m not including places like Pike’s Peak where ten people show up all year, but populated places and yet you still have to “search” for a signal and when you get one, it’s only one bar of signal strength so that no matter which carrier you have, there are no longer places where your phone is worthless. I wish Apple would pick up the telecoms dropped ball and run with that and tout phone improvements of their iPhone because the telecoms are not improving that situation fast enough. Now THAT would be an iPhone product announcement worth upgrading! But another camera, Apple… C’mon, that’s like saying MDN’s website needs another ad!

  2. To me the black render with the larger bump is hideous!
    I hope the final product ends up more like the grey render with a more proportioned and better positioned camera.

  3. For gosh sakes, it’s on the back of the phone, any case will come up to the bump and make it unnoticeable, and in the end, what does it matter whether there are three lenses or five—the camera is very important to most persons who use the phone—ergo, the bump, irrespective of size, it’s of no importance. Get over it! And if you don’t use a case, you’re an idiot to boot!

  4. I’ve seen this a few times now and if apple do this there is something seriously wrong.
    It looks so ugly

    Also MDN if apple liked symmetry the current camera buldge would be in the centre, not off to one side.

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