At their ‘It’s Show Time’ event, Apple brought nothing to the table but its power

“There have been good Apple events and bad Apple events since Tim Cook took over as CEO seven and a half years ago, but there has been nothing like today’s event,” Rick Tetzeli writes for Fortune. “For the first time that I can recall, Apple brought nothing to the table but its power.”

“All Apple had to offer today was power and numbers. ‘They’re in a billion pockets, y’all, a billion pockets,’ said Oprah Winfrey, explaining why she had decided to produce shows for the company. It’s that simple,” Tetzeli writes. “Cook and his minions blathered on about creativity, but Apple’s own creativity was nowhere to be found. The ‘new’ TV app would have benefited from some, but the interface looks just as confusing as the company’s current offering.”

“How about a credit card?” Tetzeli writes. “The Apple/Goldman offering has cash-back, rewards, and promises of privacy, just like every other credit card on the planet.”

MacDailyNews Take: On this point, Tetzeli gets it spectacularly wrong. He’s lucky to still have his head on his shoulders given how quickly the Apple Card whizzed over it.

The fact is that Apple just revolutionized another industry with Apple Card.

“For all the talk of creativity, this was Apple’s least creative event since 1996, the year before a man named Steve Jobs returned to the company,” Tetzeli writes. “And he, unfortunately, is dead.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s event went over with a thud in most quarters. Not having pricing ready or substantive trailers for original content were questionable choices.

Apple just revolutionized another industry with Apple Card – March 26, 2019
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  1. Why everyone is always jabbing about the prices when we talk about Apple? You do not need to buy anything. I on the other hand will get all of these when they are available that is for sure. I know how to save and it is all about the TCO.

  2. This was the most underwhelming bit of fluff Apple ever did. All the Hollywood superlative laced hype just turned me off. I don’t need to buy news curated by someone else. Who edits the editors? So much of daily TV is garbage, that I just don’t turn it on often. I do watch British TV series on Amazon but not a lot else. My credit card from Costco (Citicorp) pays a lot more and I see no reason to change. What ever happen ed to “ONE MORE THING”? Where are the new innovative computers?

    1. They never give us what we really want – like a new worthy Mac Pro.

      I feel like the kid who sees other kids happily getting their own buses and leaving while waiting forever for my own Mac Pro bus interminably to arrive.

  3. Yesterday’s presentation wasn’t about Apple’s creativity, it was about Apple showcasing creatives on Apple’s services.

    I don’t know how you can make a presentation exciting about services apart from what media will be on your services.

    It was a warning shot to all the industries in the firing line.

    1. The physical card has limitations. It probably has a magnetic strip for backwards compatibility and that contains all the info even if it is not printed on the card. Also the card is a Mastercard so if you come across any vendors that don’t support that family of cards you’re out of luck and will need to resort to a different card you have on Apple Pay. Another thing that puzzles me is that Apple Card supposedly is secure from any company knowing anything about the when and where of your transaction since it stores all that in the Secure Enclave on your iPhone. Question is how does that transaction data from using the physical card get on your iPhone w/o any company seeing it?

    1. John Dingler’s art is overproduced, ungainly crap with no tantalising features to give it even a modicum of flavor. Check out his website and be prepared for reams of childishly produced kindergarten-level “work”.

  4. The low point (of several): the fake, scripted “spontaneous” banter between Anniston and whoever those other fading former semi-A-listers are.

    Yeah, I’m def going to pay a sub to see a whole lot more of that……

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