Apple unveils Apple TV+ original video subscription service

Apple today announced Apple TV+, the new home for the world’s most creative storytellers featuring exclusive original shows, movies and documentaries, coming this fall. Apple TV+, Apple’s original video subscription service, will feature a brand new slate of programming from the world’s most celebrated creative artists, including Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Octavia Spencer, J.J. Abrams, Jason Momoa, M. Night Shyamalan, Jon M. Chu and more. On the Apple TV app, subscribers will enjoy inspiring and authentic stories with emotional depth and compelling characters from all walks of life, ad-free and on demand.

“We’re honored that the absolute best lineup of storytellers in the world — both in front of and behind the camera — are coming to Apple TV+,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, in a statement. “We’re thrilled to give viewers a sneak peek of Apple TV+ and cannot wait for them to tune in starting this fall. Apple TV+ will be home to some of the highest quality original storytelling that TV and movie lovers have seen yet.”

Apple TV+, coming this fall, is the new home for the world’s most celebrated creative artists
Apple TV+, coming this fall, is the new home for the world’s most celebrated creative artists

Additionally, Apple debuted the all-new Apple TV app and Apple TV channels coming in May 2019. The all-new Apple TV app brings together the different ways to discover and watch shows, movies, sports, news and more in one app across iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, smart TVs and streaming devices. Users can subscribe to and watch new Apple TV channels — paying for only services they want, like HBO, SHOWTIME and Starz — all on demand, available on and offline, with incredible picture quality and sound; enjoy sports, news and network TV from cable and satellite providers as well as purchase or rent iTunes movies and TV shows all within the new, personalized Apple TV app.

Beginning in May, customers can subscribe to Apple TV channels à la carte and watch them in the Apple TV app, with no additional apps, accounts or passwords required. Apple TV channels include popular services such as HBO, Starz, SHOWTIME, CBS All Access, Smithsonian Channel, EPIX, Tastemade, Noggin and new services like MTV Hits, with more to be added over time around the world.

The new Apple TV app personalizes what viewers love to watch across their existing apps and services while developing a secure and comprehensive understanding of users’ viewing interests. The app will offer suggestions for shows and movies from over 150 streaming apps, including Amazon Prime and Hulu, as well as pay-TV services such as Canal+, Charter Spectrum, DIRECTV NOW and PlayStation Vue. Optimum and Suddenlink from Altice will be added later this year.

Additionally, the Apple TV app will become the new home to the hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows currently available for purchase or rent in the iTunes Store.


• Pricing and availability for the Apple TV+ video subscription service will be announced later this fall.

• The all-new Apple TV app is coming to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV customers in over 100 countries with a free software update this May, and to Mac this fall.

• Through Family Sharing, users can share Apple TV+ and subscriptions to Apple TV channels.

• The Apple TV app will be available on Samsung smart TVs beginning this spring and on Amazon Fire TV, LG, Roku, Sony and VIZIO platforms in the future.

• Later this year, customers with eligible VIZIO, Samsung, LG and Sony smart TVs will be able to effortlessly play videos and other content from their iPhone or iPad directly to their smart TVs with AirPlay 2 support.

Source: Apple Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Just from today’s sneak peek, there’s already tons of interesting-looking stuff there. Depending on the price (a very important consideration), this one looks like a winner!


  1. Good God, the level of sanctimonious liberal virtue-signaling SJW-ing claptrap from Apple has hit a new level of nauseation.

    Yes, Kumail Nanjiani, immigrants are wonderful people. Legal immigrants.

    I’d forgotten how much I hated Oprah. Thanks, Apple, for forklifting her onstage to remind me.

    Get Cook and Oprah in the same room and you’d drown in sanctimony within two minutes.

    1. That was my first takeaway from the presentation as well…virtue-signaling, touchy-feely, “artists and stories”, “binds us together”, “the most perfect moment in history” baloney. Sometimes customers just want to be entertained or to escape the day-to-day grind. We don’t desire to be preached to. I won’t pre-judge but I didn’t come away hopeful or strongly interested.

      I did think that Kumail Nanjiani was pretty darned funny though. I’ll certainly give his show a try just because he seems to have a good sense of himself, not because the shows are designed for non-immigrants to better connect with immigrants.

      If these shows are entertaining, they may have a bunch of hits. If they’re liberal instruction videos in fancy or pretty wrappers then I can’t imagine how this ends up with a positive ROI.

      Time will tell.

      1. “Sometimes customers just want to be entertained or to escape the day-to-day grind.”
        They are a liberal company marketing to liberals, what do you expect? And I can bet that there’s a lot out there that will fork over their money willingly to watch it.

        How is it that ANYONE is surprised by this? LOL

        1. It is interesting how many alt-right people come here to trash every thing Apple does.

          If you don’t believe in a company, why would you invest in it or buy their products? Fscking hypocrites. Build your Hackintoshes and go away.

            1. Cook can’t hear you over the sound of iOS app store money being dumped into overseas coffers. Money y’all gave him.

              Cook obviously knows that his critics on MDN are great at whining but in the end they are too lazy to build anything themselves. Cook has you captured. Now with a monthly fee on almost anything you get.

              If you liked Apple under Steve Jobs, its time to admit that Cook has destroyed that company. Apple isn’t interested in making the best personal computers. Apple would rather pillage your wallet every month.

              Instead of whining about all things liberal, why doesn’t the MDN faithful mount a boycott?

              Here’s what to do:

              Don’t buy ipads
              Don’t buy iPhones
              Don’t buy Wearables
              Don’t rent services
              Don’t buy Apple apps
              Last and most importantly: post here with your real name the actual letter you sent to Tim Cook telling him specifically why you stopped supporting his business.

              Then and only then is Timmy going to change his ways.

          1. Because that’s not what Apple used to be about, pre-Cook’s bullshit Leftist agenda. It used to be about ‘just working,’ software and hardware that was just works and lasts. (And was upgradeable….)

            And typical ‘liberal’ mantra – ‘just go away.’

            “We’re in charge.” AOC

    2. @First 2014, now the Dark Ages:
      Your ancestors were immigrants.
      That’s how the USA came about – kill off the locals and invade.
      Then when you’re entrenched, close the doors to others.

      Keep working on getting your Darwin Award…

        1. prove it, First Whatever. Most immigrants that arrived more than a few generations ago have no paperwork. They exploited the open door policy the USA offered until WW-1.

          You act as if all people should be locked permanently into the nation of their birth. Then you change your tune and demand that all new immigrants should have special qualifications which we all know YOUR ancestors did not have. Then the story changes again. Even though you consider the Constitution perfect in every way, you really want to repeal native birthright because of your obvious xenophobia.

          By your always political posts it is also clear you consider freedom of speech that isn’t uttered in English should be banned. You also want to repeal freedom of religion for nonchristians. And without question you are all in favor of separating communities by skin color because Jim Crow will keep you rich and politically connected.

          One can only assume that you own this website because any legitimate Mac news site would have canned your incendiary political ass long ago.

    3. For those of you who disagree with Apple’s choices in programming, don’t subscribe and it won’t disturb you. I believe The Daily Stormer is still available for free.


  2. I was optimistic Apple might be providing actual art here, not the typical preachy holier than thou, boring and predictable crap coming from Hollywood these days. I was wrong. Jumped the shark indeed. People are sick of this tired politically correct bullshit.

      1. Not ME!!! Cancelled cable in 2017 and never looked back and how enlightening it has been. Whenever at stores and approached by Verizon FIOS pushers or Satellite Dish preachers wanting me to sign up, I tell them to go to Hell, but do so politely. Apple can push this Apple TV+ with the same tired personalities creating this BS, but to Apple who desires me to pay a subscription to this, I politely say, ‘Go to Hell’. I also say “Go to Hell” to Journalism in America in 2019, Politics in America in 2019, Sports in America in 2019, TV/Movies/Hollywood/Broadway in America in 2019, the Arts in America in 2019, Musicians in America in 2019, Education in America in 2019, Science in America in 2019, and Justice in America in 2019. So Apple, you are not alone and Hell, is one crowded place.

        Now, do any of you brainiacs know where the phrase “America in 2019” comes from?

  3. Insufferable preachy garbage virtue signalling does not make TV worth watching let alone paying for.

    The most anally retentive presentation Apple have ever made.

    AppleTV+ is DOA.

  4. Ohh I remember the times when I used to count the months, days, hours and minutes ton an apple event.. this one I didn’t know until I read it in a news site.
    Steve was the greatest, Tim is destroying his legacy.

  5. So many people sound like they dislike this offering from Apple but that just means it will be wildly successful. Same with every other new product that has been successful for Apple, everyone disliked in the beginning.

  6. Apple TV+ content looks boring. I was expecting so much more. Would any of this content survive in the wild? Apple’s media platform is a zoo where the animals are kept safe behind glass and bars. Kinda looks like a collection of movies approved for Apple’s winter holiday party for (casual) Friday.

    Anytime you create art to change the world you do neither; change the world or create lasting art.

    Can you imagine if Microsoft gave this presentation what Steve Jobs would say?

  7. Left or right leaning programming doesn’t bother me, if I don’t want to watch it I just won’t watch it. I just hope the door is kept open for programming from both sides

    1. It’s been tried. It was called Crossfire and it brought brainless talking heads from both extremes onto the same screen to scream at each other.

      The problem with modern internet and media is that instead of taking the time to explain how things work with undisputed facts, both extremes shout down modertes with noise and spin and deflection and FUD. All so that their side wins and hence can line their pockets with graft and corruption. You can watch so called “news” on television or internet today for months without hearing anyone follow the money and report who is paying for what.

      No wonder the USA is in a debt spiral. An illiterate fool is driving the bus, and the copilot press is busy listening to the stoners and scammers in the back row.

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