“Whenever a significant new gadget comes out, I like to see the reaction from the sales floor,” Chris Matyszczyk writes for ZDNet. “The manufacturer gives you the hype, of course. Often, though, I find salespeople in tech stores are prepared to be remarkably honest about the new, new thing. Or even the slightly new, new thing.”

“So, I went to Best Buy, which, for many people, is the everyperson’s tech retail store. At Best Buy, I’ve generally found a reasonable level of objectivity,” Matyszczyk writes. “I wandered to the iPad table and took a look at the Mini on display. I hadn’t even had time to poke at it when a salesman arrived.”

I “asked: ‘What about Android or other tablets? Is there any of those that’s comparable to this?'” Matyszczyk writes. “‘There’s no point even looking at them,’ he said. ‘They’re cheaper, but the iPad is so much better that it’s a joke.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Truth. From the floor of Best Buy, no less! 🙂