Google premieres Stadia, an online gaming streaming service for all devices

“Google on Tuesday revealed Stadia, a new cloud-based gaming platform able to stream high-end PC games to phones, tablets, computers, and TVs,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider. “Players will experience minimal input lag, and load into titles within seconds through links on sites like Twitter, YouTube, and the Stadia Store, Google said. Gamers will even be able to shuttle between platforms within moments, for example jumping from a phone to a Chromebook to a TV-connected Chromecast Ultra.”

“While people will be able to use existing gamepads and other controllers, Google is also planning to ship the Stadia Controller, an Xbox-style gamepad with dedicated sharing and Google Assistant buttons,” Fingas reports. “The accessory will connect directly to the server running a game via Wi-Fi and detect when a person switches devices.”

“Each Stadia server instance is expected to have far more power than an Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro, thanks in part to a custom AMD graphics chip that appears to be equivalent to a AMD Vega 56. Google is moreover partnering with the creators of middleware platforms like Unity, Havok, and Unreal, the idea being that Stadia can be treated as its own development platform with cross-platform support,” Fingas reports. “The Stadia service should launch sometime in 2019 in the U.S., Canada, and “most” of Europe, including the U.K. It’s unknown how or how much gamers will have to pay for access.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All you have to do is spit in this little tube, send it off to Google for DNA sequencing, and wear this little tracking device somewhere on your person at all times. 😉


  1. Sounds like Google’s push into the game console arena with a souped up Google Chromecast at the core. More a competitor to Xbox and PS4 all trying to be the center of the living room IMO. An area Apple is still trying to get a better foothold for AppleTV starting with their new video streaming content service..

  2. It looks very impressive… it trully makes me feel nervouse about Apple and the pace of innovation in the services area.

    Google hands down leads in the:
    – AI, search and contextual understanding arena.
    – You Tube as entertainment and info and video streaming.
    – And if they ace this, i believe they will kill console gaming .
    3 incredibly important areans. …Capturing huge amount of mind and time share !

    And how is Apple going to get close let alone match that?

    I trully hope Apple has a few surprises up their sleves for the March 25th event! Kind of nervous though.. its been a while since they have realy surprised in any area.( ummm.. maybe in the watch area..but that is pretty much it. )
    If they dont impress … it wont look good… not good at all……….😰

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