Apple Champs-Élysées escapes damage during ‘yellow vest’ vandalism rampage

“It is meant to be one of the world’s most elegant streets: more than a kilometer of boutiques, restaurants, sidewalk cafes and fashion outlets vying for tourists’ attention,” Luke Baker reports for Reuters. “But on Monday, the Champs Elysees looked more like a construction site.”

“On their 18th Saturday of protests against President Emmanuel Macron and his policies, France’s Gilets Jaunes (‘yellow vest’) movement targeted the tree-lined avenue that runs from the Arc de Triomphe, smashing banks, ransacking restaurants, burning newspaper kiosks and looting luxury stores,” Baker reports. “From GAP to leather goods maker Longchamp, from Levis to high-end bakery Laduree, a hard core of violent protesters threw cobblestones through pane-glass windows, scrawled graffiti on walls, set fire to half a dozen newspaper stands and torched famed restaurant Le Fouquet’s in an orgy of destruction.”

Apple Champs-Élysées
Apple Champs-Élysées

“Whether the Disney store or Samsung, Tissot, Zara or Dior, few major retailers were left untouched by the rampage,” Baker reports. “Among those that did emerge unscathed, perhaps thanks to heavy boarding-up after previous bouts of vandalism, were Apple’s flagship store, Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vuitton… While there has been a protest every Saturday in Paris and other cities since November, not all of them have been as violent and destructive as Saturday’s, which has made it hard for businesses to predict how to prepare.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, nobody will be seriously injured or, God forbid, killed during future ‘yellow vest’ protests.

Looters rob Bordeaux Apple Store during ‘Yellow Vest’ protests in France – December 10, 2018


    1. Yellow Vests are NOT progressives. They are selfish hooligans that reject all government or civil order. They align most closely with your Libertarian/ Tea Party that thinks about nothing but themselves.

      Nice try at revisionist propaganda though.

        1. American Tea Party rally: selfish people demand government services but don’t want to pay for them. Looks like a common global problem.

          Would these people demanding their government-managed taxpayer-funded Medicare be considered socialist in America?


      1. Nice try is on your end chief…… to try and distance the two and come up with some concocted definition that makes you sleep better.

        Would you have been happier if i called them leftist, liberal, violent anarchist freeloaders? A bunch of lazy ass hypocritical morons who think they are entitled to some BS social economic justice independent of personal effort and sacrifice…believers in entitlements and social handouts through some delusional idealism.
        The ones who despise the rich and the successful who bust their butts for their success and in the process bring incomparably more good to society than any self entiteled freeloading whiner ( who’s delusional extremists idealism actually destroy’s social economic progress)

        Not too far from whats going on here in US.
        The delusional whiners, the know it alls and wannabe elite. Minds who fallaciously believe themselves to be above nature and all.
        The self proclaimed progressive minds. The confused Arrogant !

        Open your eyes, open your mind !

    1. He has set up public forums for citizens to directly and civilly petition for reform any grievances they may have. That’s more democratic than any federal administration in the USA.

      The extremist maillots jaunes, like all riotors, are using legitimate fuel tax demonstrations as cover for their illegal looting and wanton destruction. Just like every riot the USA has seen – Detroit ‘68, Rodney King in LA, East St. Louis….

      Stop ascribing US politics to other nations.

      1. Its not just the yellow vested idiots! … it all stems from the mentality of the lazy, riot happy society…..society that expects govenment to provide solution to all their individual shortcomings…. foremost laziness!

        That is what the extreme left/left brings to the picture!

      2. The public forums are a PR stunt. Macron has lowered the taxes for the rich and has increased the taxes on the middle and lower classes. Among the yellow vests are rioters, but most of the people protesting have done it in a peaceful way. Anyway “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”John F. Kennedy.

  1. Silly white people. They have privilege out the ass and they are STILL not satisfied with the world. It seems like they are only happy when they are oppressing minorities.

  2. I was there and they did their Garage Band demo’s on the old iPad because it had the headphone jack. An iPad without a headphone jack makes the iPad Semi-Pro.

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