Samsung’s Galaxy S10 ‘Face Unlock’ feature proven to be an absolute joke

“Samsung’s obsession with trying to copy key Apple iPhone features is legendary,” Jack Purcher writes for Patently Apple.

“Their latest obsession of trying to copy Apple’s Face ID feature in their new Galaxy S10 smartphone is not only inferior,” Purcher reports, “it’s been proven to be absolutely useless by Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy.”

“In his video below you’ll see the simplicity of hacking the new Galaxy S10 using ‘Face Unlock,'” Purcher reports. “It’s so embarrassing… Apple’s Face ID team must be rolling on the floor laughing at Samsung’s engineering team.”

Read more in the full article here.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Bill” for the heads up.]


        1. Security, security & security is the name of the game today.

          Samsung doesn’t have it. Unlock features, OS, apps w/secret backdoor code & secret data collection not disclosed.

          Korean firms have been known for decades to use less than ethical means to succeed, so Samsung is not new on that account.

          1. Security is something I’m willing to handle for myself if needed. Accepting security by accepting censorship or hardware limitations is not worth it to me.

            I’ll hire a security suite if I need to. In the other hand, it would have been nice if Face ID were better on Android. It’s just not a make or break decision.

            1. Hey Bo,
              Good practices from PC usage apply here.

              Don’t download from disreputable sources, run a security suite, etc.

              I extremely rarely use a VPN at all. I don’t pirate.

            2. applecynic, you used to occasionally post some decent criticism of Apple and Apple products. More recently, you have just stooped to incessant Apple bashing.

              You cannot always “handle” security by yourself. You can be prudent and cautious, but you cannot always foresee or avoid potential security risks. Some security holes are just built in.

              I find your censorship/club complaints to be ridiculous. Filesystems access on iOS would be nice, but is not a dealbreaker for me. An SD card slot on iOS devices might be useful, but I suspect that I would seldom, if ever, use it. In fact, I had built-in SD card slots on some of my Macs over the years and I never, ever used them. Once I got an iPhone, I stopped using stand-alone digital cameras – no more need for SD cards…

              If these factors are deal-breakers for you, then fine. Go on your way. But don’t try to fool the rest of us into believing that the grass is greener on the Android side and that you can achieve the same degree of privacy and security by handling it yourself. It doesn’t work that way.

            3. Mel,

              Considering the tone to which I was replying, I think I was actually restrained.

              “You cannot always “handle” security by yourself.”
              Neither can Apple, and security by restriction of the owner is an unacceptable solution. It makes Apple’s life easier at the expense of user choice. I choose to let Norton do it.

              “Filesystems access on iOS would be nice, but is not a dealbreaker for me. An SD card slot on iOS devices might be useful, but I suspect that I would seldom, if ever, use it.”

              Feel free not to use it, that’s called choice. You already seem not to mind that “it would be nice”, so what’s ridiculous about it?

      1. Sarcasm ? Or are you MDN staff ? I don’t recall MDN staff replying to comments, but I assume you are they way you arrogantly and ignorantly call out Samsung / Android users intelligence etc.

    1. There is always difference between original and copy…people who use original will bring progress to everyone…

      If you are happy with the copy then its good for you… nothing wrong there… its just that people with good taste will take the world forward but the people who use a copy are of no use to humanity.

      1. The advent of new capability is usually the result of a company finding a new way to improve an older feature.

        Face recognition has been around for decades in various ways (including photos), but Apple took it to a new level with 3D infrared mapping of a face and then comparing that with a face that attempts to open the phone.

        Sounds like Samsung did not use 3D mapping so it was NOT copying the function of Apple, it was doing a FAKE implementation of an Apple feature and thus it was not a “copy.”

        1. Please. Its a copy of the feature. You look at the phone and it unlocks.
          How its handled under the hood and how easily it can be tricked by photo are a separate topic.

          1. No more than Apple is a copy of an earlier implementation, so at best a copy of a copy. Agree with you about “How its handled under the hood and how easily it can be tricked by photo are a separate topic”.

      2. Are you for real ? Everybody copies. Apple copied things all over the place. I assume you have an iPhone? If so you are just as much “no use” to humanity, since there are dozens of features in your iPhone that were done first by someone else.
        Do you drive a car ? If so then now you must feel inadequate. 99% of the features of your car were invented by another car maker.

  1. My thoughts on this are… 1. Samsung isnt copying a feature of apple as Samsung has had face unlock long before faced. 2. Samsung doesn’t bill it as secure. They even state on their site and one the phone that it is not secure it is just convenient.

    1. Also I’m still impressed that apple was able to get 3d imaging cameras small enough to put in a phone. It seems only a few years ago when these where making their way into desktop and laptop and surface pro

  2. To All anti-Apple Criminality Enablers:
    Please use the Galaxy S10’s face ID to aid criminals and the NSA’s Police State.
    Thank you.
    John Dingler, artist

      1. Wow, you just can’t let go of that “censorship” thing, can you applecynic? I assume that your outrage is directly related to the climate change app that Apple recently removed. If so, then stand up for your principles and divest yourself of all Apple products. Go on, I dare you. Either put up, or shut up.

  3. I wan’t even aware Samsung was promoting Face unlock as an important feature in their advertising. Love the charge sharing feature though. Wonder how practical it is in use. 😛

  4. Had this been found on an Apple product, there would be five class-action lawsuits already filed, it would be named FaceGate, it would be on the national news, and the stock would be down 5%.

    1. If they billed it as the most secure ever then you would be right. Samsung openly says on its website, and on the phone during setup that face unlock is not secure. Specifically is billed as more secure then nothing not as secure as password, pin, or fingerprint. Just convenient..

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