Apple drives to build all-new streaming video service from scratch

“Apple’s media streaming service is arriving very soon, and tidbits are starting to emerge on just what the much-anticipated offering will look like,” Annie Gaus reports for The Street. “The unnamed services offering is expected to be announced on March 25, when Apple is holding a special event at its Cupertino headquarters under the theme ‘It’s show time.'”

“According to a Bloomberg report Wednesday, Apple is racing to rack up media deals in advance of the March 25 event, with a deadline of Friday to ink television and film agreements that will flesh out Apple’s original streaming content,” Gaus reports. “Apple is reportedly in talks with AT&T which owns HBO, CBS Corp, which owns Showtime, Lions Gate Entertainment, which owns Starz, and others. The outside content would be offered alongside programming either funded, developed or purchased by Apple.”

“Throughout 2018, Apple revealed a handful of production partnerships with high-profile creators such as Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston and Steven Spielberg. But because many of those content initiatives are still in development, launching with a slate of popular outside content may make a big difference. Several of the programming deals Apple is pursuing are expected to go through, but parties are still haggling over the finer points according to Bloomberg,” Gaus reports. “According to Wedbush’s Dan Ives, a realistic medium-term goal for Apple — meaning three to five years out — would be 100 million subscribers provided that it executes its media streaming plan with minimal speed bumps… Apple has one not-so-secret weapon — its loyal installed base of 1.4 billion active devices, including 900 million iPhones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We expect there will be at least some original content available at launch which we also expect on or near its March 25th reveal.


  1. How about a user-generated content site like YouTube? That kids can actually create great content and use and have FUN with, and other pro vloggers can know that they can post great content and NOT be censored???????????? Yeah, maybe an idea to compete with YouTube and at least become a central point to watch the music videos for all your artists on your music service,,, Of course I don’t want to claim this is much of an original idea, it’s an idea that Tim Cooks kids would suggest to him if he was capable of making any, and understanding what it means to have a family from first hand experience. Any other third grader could give them this advice as well.

    1. In the real world, it seems to me, Tim Cook can make kids by inseminating a woman. There are two avenues: By direct intercourse or by proxy. Proxy is employed by people who refuse or who are unable to have children. He can also adopt which is not actually making a child but is still valid and acceptable. And I can imagine an article with the headline: “Guess What’s Arriving In Tim Cook’s Pipeline? Hint: It’s not a MacPro.” The children in all of these methods would be able to suggest a YouTube-like, Apple platform to Tim Cook.

  2. Really?!? I gave you a five star vote based on just your first sentence alone. Then I came across this garbage, “…it’s an idea that Tim Cooks kids would suggest to him if he was capable of making any, and understanding what it means to have a family from first hand experience.”

    Now I wish I can give you a negative 5 star vote. Childish… your feedback name is so apropo, Junior.

  3. I remember when they declined buying YouTube and I and so many others were gutted thinking its time would come and Apple was the company to exploit it. But for many years it looked like a smart decision not to have done as it laboured go find purpose and monetarisation I have to admit, but now that potential it always had would have been perfect for Apple as a supposedly creative company supporting creators. Don’t think we can blame Cook for a lack of vision back then though you never know I guess.

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