Verizon’s 5G service will cost $10 extra, launches in Chicago and Minneapolis on April 11th

“Verizon’s 5G network is coming,” Chaim Gartenberg reports for The Verge. “After months of vague statements, the carrier has finally announced that its 5G network will launch on April 11th in Chicago and Minneapolis, making it the first publicly available 5G network in the US that actually supports smartphones.”

“Verizon also announced that its next-gen mobile service will cost $10 more per month on top of its existing three unlimited plans,” Gartenberg reports. “The new prices will now start at $85 per month for the base Go Unlimited plan for a single line (which is always subject to throttling and only offers slow hot spot speeds and 480p video); $95 per month for the Beyond Unlimited (22GB of unthrottled LTE, 15GB of LTE hot spot, and 720p video); and $105 for the Above Unlimited plan (75GB of LTE before throttling, 20GB of LTE hot spot, 720p video, and a few other perks).”

“The good news is that, at least for now, Verizon isn’t holding users to those data throttling limits for 5G,” Gartenberg reports. “Verizon is offering true, unlimited data to customers with 5G, although the real test will be to see whether that continues as 5G continues to roll out.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, they get you coming and going.

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  1. Silly ass surcharges like this aren’t unheard of. The question I have if it will ever go away or will they gouge forever. If this keeps people from upgrading immediately it could lower the load on Verizon’s 5G system but also drive people to other carriers.

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