Apple shareholders vote down conservative group’s proposal to disclose ideology of director nominees

“Apple Inc shareholders on Friday defeated a shareholder proposal from a conservative group that would have required the company to disclose the ‘ideological perspective’ of nominees for its board of directors,” Reuters reports.

“The proposal, placed on the shareholder ballot by the National Center for Public Policy Research,” Reuters reports, “received only 1.7 percent of votes at the iPhone maker’s annual meeting in Cupertino, Calif.”

Reuters reports, “Arguments were made both in favor of the proposal and against it in the Steve Jobs Theater, where the meeting is being held.”

Brief article in full here.

MacDailyNews Take: Gotta love the annual shareholders’ meeting!


      1. You are an idiot. Lisa Jackson, Al Gore, Tim Cook, and all the others are liberals. Can you name a single one with a record of donating to conservative candidates? No.

        1. LOL.. as if you know the answer to your ignorant question
          When did they send you their tax returns.
          hhhhhhmmmmmmm kent

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    1. To an asshat like kent, any rules of any kind are “socialist” because he doesn’t understand the difference between a rule based society and an economic theory.

      If kent was NFL commissioner, he would “deregulate” and replace all officials with nude Stormy and McDougal silicone enlarged bimbos. After all, short term profits and approval of the whiny white male base is all that matters. The future doesn’t matter.

    2. Anyone who thinks that Apple’s board is SOCIALIST is obviously not aware what a socialist is. Of course, people don’t know what words mean think that someone who is socially liberal has to also be socialist as if they are synonyms. Have you seen the money Apple takes in (and keeps)? The salaries of the executives? And they don’t seem to be trying to give much of it away and share the wealth. I haven’t seen Apple say that they are going to redistribute wealth. Which is how it should be.

      Socialist. lol

    3. Do you know how to identify an ultra-conservative? Simple. An ultra-conservative wants to know your religious and plots all status before they can decide whether or not to agree with you. What you say doesn’t really matter (unless you happen to agree with them, otherwise you are “lying”). It is who you are and what label you wear that matter the most.

      What I am seeing right now is Republicans defending anyone else who wears their “team label,” no matter what the person has done or what the person says or how much the person lies and changes stories.

  1. I will disclose the ideology of the Board. The entire Board and top management is leftwing activist trending toward socialist. It’s the only ideology permitted in Silicon Valley where there is zero intellectual diversity.

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    2. Kent is correct. However, Making great products shouldn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican. Unfortunately our world is becoming more “Orwellian” and extreme. Individual thought and speech is forbidden. And that is when ideas stop flowing.

      1. They are left-leaning social liberals for the most part yes. But they are some die-hard capitalists.

        I don’t think many conservatives know what socialism actually means.

  2. I was there. The guy was a crank. He didn’t care about Apple management or the future of the company. He was upset that after Charlottesville Apple didn’t support the Nazis but instead gave a donation the Southern Poverty Law Center. He called the SPLC a hate group. When his proposal only got 1.7% of the vote there was loud applause.

  3. The National Center for Public Policy Research is an uber-conservative think tank. It whines that Apple is not conservative enough. It has been issuing press releases promoting the unproven, false claim that science is wrong about global warming. The Koch Pros. must subscribe to the NCPPR highly biased newsletter.

    1. I have been ill for a while. 97 doctors say I have Ebola. 3 say I’m fine. I’m going with the opinion of the 3. (Although, somehow, I seem to be getting even sicker.)

      1. To continue with your apparent sarcasm, you should indeed follow the advice of the three because it’s in your economic interest as a 1%er invested in oil and coal and clearcutting.

  4. Liberals are nothing but a bunch of arrogant, ignorant Orwellian freeloading control freaks. An indoctrinated blind bunch of naive fools with a Natzi like God complex who are completely unaware of their misguided BS, pushing Orwellianism disguised in the name of foolish/naive idealism.

    Those who dont know that they dont know are the most dangerous bunch of fools.
    Very Dangerouse!

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