“There are two Apple products I was pretty sure weren’t for me. The first was the Apple Watch,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “I now wear one everyday.”

“But there seemed no doubt at all that I had no possible reason to want an Apple Pencil,” Lovejoy writes. “I cannot draw. At all. Never have, and have never had any desire to learn. I have more than enough creative outlets already, between writing, photography and video. And I hadn’t handwritten anything for probably close to two decades.”

Apple's 2nd generation Apple Pencil

Apple’s 2nd generation Apple Pencil

“I remember when the Apple Pencil came out, and various people here were trying to persuade me I needed one. My question was: What for? How would I use it?” Lovejoy writes. “But I just bought the second-gen one, and for the unlikeliest of reasons: helping me with dance lessons.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Most anybody can find a use for Apple Pencil, often many uses!