The Siri face is all I need from my Apple Watch

“What should a wrist computer ideally do for you?” Ryan Christoffel writes for MacStories. “Telling the time is a given, and activity tracking has become another default inclusion for that category of gadget. But we’re talking about a computer here, not a simple watch with built-in pedometer. The device should present the information you need, exactly when you need it. This would include notifications to be sure, but also basic data like the weather forecast and current date. It should integrate with the various cloud services you depend on to keep your life and work running – calendars, task managers, and the like. It doesn’t have to be all business though – throwing in a little surprise and delight would be nice too, because we can all use some added sparks of joy throughout our days.”

“Each of these different data sources streaming through such a device presents a dilemma: how do you fit so much data on such a tiny screen?” Christoffel writes. “Serving a constant flow of relevant data is great, but a computer that’s tied to your wrist, always close at hand, could do even more. It could serve as a control center of sorts, providing a quick and easy way to perform common actions – setting a timer or alarm, toggling smart home devices on and off, adjusting audio playback, and so on. Each of these controls must be presented at just the right time, custom-tailored for your normal daily needs.”

“If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because this product already exists: the Apple Watch,” Christoffel writes. “However, most of the functionality I described doesn’t apply to the average Watch owner’s experience, because most people use a watch face that doesn’t offer these capabilities – at least not many of them. The Watch experience closest to that of the ideal wrist computer I’ve envisioned is only possible with a single watch face: the Siri face.”

Apple Watch's Siri watch face
Apple Watch’s Siri watch face

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MacDailyNews Take: Siri takes a look at your day and displays information that’s timely and helpful. It might be your next appointment, the traffic on your way home, or the score of a game played by your favorite team, and you can tap to get more information. On cool and useful feature is that you can turn the Digital Crown to scroll through your day.

Siri watch face’s available complications:
• Activity • Alarm • Battery • Breathe • Calendar • Date • Find My Friends • Heart Rate • Home • Mail • Maps • Messages • Moon Phase • Music • News • Phone • Podcasts • Radio • Reminders • Remote • Siri • Stocks • Stopwatch • Sunrise/Sunset • Timer • Weather • Walkie-Talkie • Weather Conditions • Workout • World Clock

Siri face’s data sources: Activity • Alarms • Breathe • Calendar • Heart Rate • Home • Maps • Music • News • Now Playing • Photos • Podcasts • Reminders • Stocks • Stopwatch • Timer • Wallet • Weather • Workout • Sports

We’ve tried Siri and it does work well, but it’s a later addition than Modular to which we’ve grown very accustomed. We’re going to give Siri face another try on our Apple Watches right now!

Which Apple Watch face do you use?


  1. I often hear that Siri is very stupid from people. But if you think about it, it’s just a machine with a set of functions. Don’t expect much from her. Just take the maximum and that’s it. A ready-made essay for example: . does not mean that you will immediately have a written text. You can take an idea from there, but not a solution. So it is here. Siri can show the way to solving a problem, but not solve it.

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