Bring Wikipedia to your Apple Watch with MiniWiki app

“Australian developer Will Bishop is back again with another great app for Apple Watch,” Brent Dirks writes for AppAdvice. “In 2018, two of his apps – Chirp for Twitter and Nano for Reddit – made our list of the Top 10 apps of the year for the wearable device.”

“And his latest app brings another popular site to Apple Watch,” Dirks writes. “As you could probably tell by the name, MiniWiki is all about the popular online encyclopedia.”

“You can search for a subject with voice dictation or scribble,” Dirks writes. “The articles look great on the watch and you can scroll through the information by using the Digital Crown or swiping up or down on the screen.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For when you have that burning question and don’t want to reach for your iPhone or iPad, MiniWiki on Apple Watch delivers the the answer!


  1. I’ve tried every Apple Watch right up to the latest series, I have to say, without a doubt in my mind, that Apple Watch apps are PURE garbage.

    The Watch itself didn’t become halfway useful to the latest series, and even then, how long does it take to pull a phone out of your damn pocket save hundreds to thousands of dollars.


    1. “…how long does it take to pull a phone out of your damn pocket save hundreds to thousands of dollars.”

      It takes considerably longer to take a phone out of your pocket then unlock it. Also, what “thousands of dollars” are you talking about?

  2. Great, a leftwing encyclopedia on my wrist. I can be instantly updated with the state approved truth in the Brave New World where only one strain of thought is allowed. With Twitter, Facebook and Apple all censoring non-acceptable thoughts we will finally experience Utopia. And those who don’t agree can enjoy the Re-education Camps.

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