Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple to unveil all-new Mac Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, 31-inch 6K monitor, and more this year

“Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is out with a wide-reaching new investor note [in which he] says that Apple will release new iPads, a new 16-inch MacBook Pro, a 31-inch 6K monitor, iPhones with bilateral charging, and more in 2019,” Chance Miller reports 9to5Mac.

“Kuo says that the 2019 iPhone models will retain the same screen sizes as the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. This means we’ll get 6.5-inch, 5.8-inch, and 6.1-inch iPhones,” Miller reports. “Kuo says that all three will retain Lightning connectivity instead of USB-C.”

“According to the analyst, Apple will release a new MacBook Pro between 16-inches and 16.5-inches with an all-new design. Further, Kuo says Apple will return to the display market with a 31.6-inch 6k3k monitor,” Miller reports. “Additionally, Kuo adds that Apple will release a new Mac Pro with ‘easy to upgrade components’ in 2019.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As former 17-inch MacBook Pro users, that 16- to 16.5-inch MacBook Pro intrigues – although we doubt we’d ever go back to the “one Mac everywhere” concept as there were too many tradeoffs. We like have powerful iMac desktops with dual monitors on our desks and thin and light 12-inch MacBooks when on the road, especially with Apple’s continuity features making moving from Mac to Mac so seamless. Lugging those 17-inch behemouths around way back when was a chore!

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    1. I can see Mac Pro prices starting at 10-grand and going up to 50-grand. And Macbook Pro 16-inch starting at 7-grand and going up to 20-grand. Apple prices are just a bad joke these days.

      1. If Apple does charge that much for a Mac Pro, it will only prove they don’t want to sell many units which would be quite foolish on their part. They are quite foolish because they still charge quite a bit (IMHO, more than I think they should) for their 6-year-old, refurbished trash-can Mac Pros.

        I’m sorry if I’m off-base here or seen as a troll, but even as an Apple shareholder, I think Apple is expecting a bit too much from consumers.

            1. Tone down the vulgarity a bit. This is Mac Daily News. It is a site about Apple. If you are so worked up about Apple news and associated commentary, then you may need professional help.

  1. I’ve been very patient. Will we finally get a MacBook with a KB most of us can live with?

    This will probably be pricey A/H – but having gotten five years and going strong out of my MBA, if it doesn’t have TOO many compromises (first among these being the KB), I’ll load up on the processor and RAM options (64 GB anyone?) – and amortize the cost – for the pleasure of owning it for years, and finally having the portable Photoshop editor of my dreams – at just the time I plan to get to some deferred sizable projects.

  2. Lots of fans out there waiting the return of a larger screen MBP. 6K 31” monitor and the LONG & AGONIZING (screw those who couldn’t give a crap about the real needs of pros – I hope the next upgrade you fervently want will take 6 years) wait for the Mac Pro we want sounds good.

    Now the only question is WHEN.

  3. ‘Lugging’ my 17” around was a pleasure. Still miss it.

    Personally, I think a 21” is the perfect size and would allow for spreading around components to provide a surprisingly slim and light monster. Add 31” monitor (or larger) for dual desktop work and it’d be a perfect world.

    But Incremental Apple run by a distracted Incremental CEO in Tim Cook…never gonna’ happen, like any other bold moves will never happen.

    Perhaps when Apple Prime crashes and burns, Cook will get burned with it. Too little too late, which seems to be a continually distracted Cook’s ‘isn’t it amazing’ replacement motto.

    1. I can assure you that Cook is immensely proud of the amazing products Apple will be bringing you this year, undoubtedly the best range by far in the companies history and all down to the brilliance of Eddie Cue. Apple is so lucky to have him. Eddie come out here and take the adulation…. Sorry just had a nightmare of Cooks traditional launch speech in March.

  4. WOW, I’m Psyched! that’s a big chunk of my wish list…the 17 inch was AWESOME back then, SOUNDED great along with a great SCREEN, and APPLE has made everything a lot more thin w better design, and i think my 17 was only 1080 p in 2011, so the greater resolution on the 16.5″ it will be AWESOME. and with all that body SIZE,, friggin chuck a HUGE drive and HUGE Battery. And I pray for a SD slot… Magsafe, and Flat anti glare screen, and 4 speakers like the Ipad Pro.

    See,,, See how easy it was to make the fans happy? Now plenty more to refine, get to work you mules !

  5. So help me, Apple had better not have screwed-up the new Mac Pro with some non-standard PCIe slots. All Apple really needed to do was to bring back the cheesegrater Mac Pro with updated internal hardware. The design of that cheesegrater was impeccable. If anything poorly could be said about it was it was rather heavy, but I could certainly live with that.

    I just can’t figure Apple. Building a high-end Mac Pro shouldn’t be that difficult if a few designers and engineers spent some time at CES. It certainly doesn’t take a thermodynamics engineer to understand how to keep a couple of processors running cool. I wouldn’t think there would be any way for Apple to compromise the new Mac Pro but I just can’t count on anything Apple does on turning out properly. Apple will try to ‘improve’ on something to save space or material and that usually never goes well. Anyway, I have my fingers crossed that Apple may get nearly everything right on the new Mac Pro. Jony Ive is supposed to be some sort of computer design genius, so that should be a good thing to start with unless he’s really hung up on having a thin case on all Apple desktop computers.

    I know the price will be high but I won’t be buying it as I don’t have a need for such a computer. Good luck to all who will be able to afford one. I’m sure the price will start at around $5000 but I have no idea what the basic hardware will be.

  6. Apple took so effin’ long to update the Mac Pro that I went with a killer i9 Windows/Linux machine. I’ve had that long enough that I’m actually almost ready for another machine. Apple’s incompetence in updating the Mac Pro is mind boggling.

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