Classical on Apple Music: What’s wrong and how Apple can fix it

“Last August, Apple Music was updated with a new section in Browse curated by Deutsche Grammophon, one of the biggest classical music labels in the world,” Mitchel Broussard writes for MacRumors.

“While classical music fans welcomed the specific focus of the area,” Broussard writes, “many of our readers quickly pointed out the numerous issues that remain for classical listeners on a daily basis within Apple Music, and the fact that they’ve been there since the launch of the service with seemingly no correction in sight.”

“This is a problem that affects nearly every streaming music service, including Apple Music rival Spotify,” Broussard writes. “In an effort to find out exactly what’s wrong with classical music on Apple Music — and what steps could be taken to address these problems — we asked [some experts] to detail the biggest issues with classical music on Apple Music.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hire some classical experts for human curation, Apple!

Apple is finally making iTunes better for classical music – August 2, 2016


  1. They seem to have a decent amount of ‘classical’ music (yeah, the blanket umbrella covering is asinine, period) but it’s very, very, hidden, no way to properly ‘favorite’ it, and, yeah, the search and ‘similar to’ choices are absurdities. There used to be a record store here in Cambridge which was exclusively for classical (i.e. composed and expertly performed compositional musics, from all eras and countries) and it is sorely missed, but an online version of such a store would be a godsend.

  2. This is a problem with all evolving music styles; not just classical. All uk underground dance music has sub genres and sub genres of those sub genres. It’s the reality of digital; and compression in every sense of the word is how Apple work.

    We live in a world where people no longer dig into subject to find the essence or reasoning behind the creative subject matter.

    Apple killed the whole album concept by breaking up the Album into pieces. this was the beginning of the end for everything that was creative about a listening experience of an artist’s work.

    Everything is now for quick download and consumption rather than a deeper understanding of the creative works.

    Yes this is more obvious with classical due to the depth and micro subtleties that can make a huge difference to the piece you want to listen to but it’s still very real for all the genres of non-pop music where all you have is the key search word and a ton of music that actually could be better segmented and understood.

    My field is underground dance music and I Have been making it very successfully since 1988. I fully understand every micro change and its reason for the change as I have constantly travelled through those changes.

    House music has many styles as does Drum and Bass and for those that understand this the problem that classical face is no different to most likely all evolutionary musical styles.

    But the really demanding question is that Apple need to find a way to bring back the whole Album experience (by taking away the bastardising and segmenting of artist albums)

    Albums are not created to be chopped into pieces they are made so that the deeper and more meaningful journey of the artist (through their album) can be experienced (as the artist meant it to be experienced). In this regard Apple’s true colours are shown as nothing more that a carpet bagger who uses the creative works for personal gain rather than for the love of the art.

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