Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ autonomous vehicle could be summoned, unlocked, and paid for via iPhone or Apple Watch

“Apple has filed for a patent for a ‘system and method for vehicle authorization’ that would allow you to summon a vehicle and unlock it with your iPhone,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple World Today.

“In the patent filing, Apple notes that vehicles may be accessed and operated using a key or key fob,” Sellers reports. “However, most conventional key fobs or keyless entry systems are single factor security systems that offer only a low level of security.”

“Apple’s solution? Using an iPhone to unlock a vehicle,” Sellers reports. “And even using the smartphone to ‘summon’ a car to your location.”

Read more, and see Apple’s patent application diagram, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, a cellular-equipped Apple Watch could easily summon, unlock, and pay for the vehicle, as well.


  1. So how does a self-driving car handle 4-way stops? Or intersections being directed by a traffic cop? Or weaving through debris in the road? Or being waved into traffic by another driver? I think a driverless car can be reliable for maybe 90-95% of driving conditions. It’s what might happen in the other 5-10% that scares me.

    1. Agreed.
      Cars, roads, traffic laws and the whole infrastructure for vehicular transportation have been designed and installed since more than a century ago with the assumption that the human brain controls the cars and their moves. To introduce something autonomous from the human brain in ALL conceivable situations requires a lot more changes and accommodations beyond the autonomous car alone.
      To eliminate that last 5-10% demands the total reconsideration of infrastructures in transportation.

      1. Limiting the scope of the autonomous concept like Apple is proposing might work and actually be wise (after spending “titanic” amount of $s for the autonomous vehicle bandwagon).

    2. I totally agree with this take, especially so during the period when there are automated and human drivers interacting. Road rage will go through the roof. That said I have great doubts that we will finding this out for many years despite the hype that it will all be common place within 5 years. I hope I am proved wrong mind.

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  2. Please people! Self-driving cars ideally need dedicated roads. Without them, self-droving cars would likely become known as killing machines having, while in the court of law, the Constitutional rights of a person, you know, like a corporation. Some normal roads already quality, such as tunnels and impeccably manicured highways that have clear and clean striping and conventional infrastructural anomalies that the car’s detector can follow easily enough, but not may.

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