Apple faces class action lawsuit over erroneous ‘This accessory may not be supported’ alerts

“California resident Monica Emerson has filed a class action lawsuit against Apple this week, accusing the company of releasing iOS updates which were ‘specifically designed and programmed to reject, starting on November of 2016, old iPhone chargers from properly charging the iPhones,'” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“The complaint, obtained by MacRumors, alleges that Emerson bought an iPhone 7 in September 2016 and charged the device with Apple’s power adapter included in the box without issue until around October 2017, when it stopped working alongside the alert ‘this accessory may not be supported,'” Rossignol reports. “The alert is part of Apple’s system that aims to protect iOS devices against potentially dangerous aftermarket accessories.”

“Emerson believes the alert forced her and thousands of other customers in her situation to buy new chargers, with total claims exceeding $5 million,” Rossignol reports. “As a result, she is suing Apple for damages, accusing the company of false advertising, unfair business practices, fraud, and other violations of California laws.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Has anyone else run into this message while using genuine Apple chargers and cables?

We’ve seen the message sporadically with non-Apple chargers, when connecting to vehicles via USB, etc.


  1. I’ve had this problem from time to time with my older devices, such as my gen4 iPod touch, and recently my current gen iPod touch. Usually I just unplug it and plug it back in and it goes away. It is intermittent and does not happen very often, but it does happen. To me, a minor annoyance but not a big deal. It’s what I have come to expect from Apple now. It’s no longer “plug it in and it just works” anymore.

    1. Apple’s monopoly means they can get away with these illegal messages. It’s not just ZeroRandy’s whose messages you hate, it’s Apple’s illegal monopolistic fluff, too.

        1. Apple’s Lightning is a perfect example of how Apple abuses its customers. Recently i saw a lightning cable in a store that was TWICE the price of the otherwise identical USB-C cable next to it. Apple doesn’t have a monopoly but it does exert a very high tax just like a monopoly would.

  2. It happens when one of the contacts is dirty. I’ve had it happen only on apple brand CABLES not chargers. How did I diagnose the problem? Change out the cable. How did I fix the problem? A pencil eraser to the contacts followed by a quick rub down with rubbing alcohol.

    The foolishness of some people, lawyers, and the court system.

  3. I had this exact same problem over several days during a trip in December to Costa Rica. Since I was using my iPhone 8 for all my photos, I was very upset. Then I discovered my problem.
    My cable had a slight and hardly noticeable tear in the insulation. I have several devices and brought two cables just in case I lost one. I changed cables and my phone charged perfectly. I suggest everyone check their cables (an obvious idea but we take for granted it will last forever).

  4. I’ve gotten that alert, but I’ve found that often the charger works just fine, in spite of the alert. I wonder if thousands of people purchased new chargers, or just kept using the accessory as it seemed to work just fine. The word “may” can be used to indicate possibility. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t go out and buy a new charger for that sole reason.

  5. I have seen it with an older Apple charger but I noticed that the lightning symbol was present in my iPod which meant it was charging anyway. No biggie.
    What, I can extract money for an incredibly minor, non-applicable warning????? I am moving to the States. In Canada the judge would laugh and then tell you to go away while kicking your arse out of his or her court.

  6. I’ve only seen anything like this once. My son had a third party, lighting to mini-jack adapter that stopped working after a few uses with his iPhone 7… and it didn’t say “may not be supported. It said “is not supported”.

  7. This happened here recently with an iPad Pro 9.7″… Ive been using the original cord and charger purchased with the unit and this last update has stopped it from working all together. I actually had to use my iPhone X cable for it to charge. BTW: iPad Pro did “NOT” charge with its original cable , while displaying the “May not be Supported”

  8. I’ve had it happen occasionally in my car, and once on an older cable. It’s typically when the connector is dirty, or seemingly just fixed by unplugging it and plugging it back in again.

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