Apple really, really wants you to buy a new iPhone

“Apple’s permeating iPhone upgrade promotion continues to gain momentum,” Michael Steeber reports for 9ot5Mac. “After extending the limited time offer in Japan yesterday, Apple has now revised its U.S. trade-in deal, offering customers a new attractive monthly payment option if you make the upgrade in an Apple Store.”

“New signs posted near Apple Store entries this week now promote ‘Two great ways to buy.’ Apple today also updated its website with revised copy to reflect the monthly deal,” Steeber reports. “‘Upgrade to iPhone XR from $449 or iPhone XS from $699. And now, stop by an Apple Store and get iPhone XR from $18.99/mo. when you trade in your current iPhone.'”

Steeber reports, “Outside of first-party channels, Japanese carriers are offering $100 off the purchase price of an iPhone XR, and carriers in China have discounted the phone up to 20%.”

Apple's all-new 5.8-inch iPhone Xs starting at $999 and 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max starting at $1099
Apple’s all-new 5.8-inch iPhone Xs starting at $999 and 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max starting at $1099

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MacDailyNews Take: Listen, if your iPhone still has a Home button, you need a new iPhone. The speed and smoothness of operating iOS via gestures alone, not to mention the A12 Bionic processor and camera upgrades, makes the upgrade worth doing. You can thank us later!

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    1. “MacDailyNews Take: Listen, if your iPhone still has a Home button, you need a new iPhone”

      Back in the real world: If you still have kidneys you can’t afford to sell, stick with what you’ve got. The iPhone all new iPhones in 2019 will be cheaper.

      1. “MacDailyNews Take: Listen, if your iPhone still has a Home button, you need a new iPhone”

        Had to look … egads, those idiots actually said that.

        The facts of the matter are that the home button is what aids the iPhone UI … without it, the “guess which way is up” game is just like trying to plug in an old (Type A) USB cable.

  1. Yeah, sure. In China, consumers are going to be buying $200 Oppos, Vivos, Xiaomis, and Huawei smartphones and they’re all going to be running WeChat 24/7. They’re saying “To hell with iPhones.” I’m not sure what brand or model smartphones are being used in India but with the iPhone barely holding on to a 1% market share, I doubt anyone in India is thinking about buying an iPhone no matter how much it’s been reduced in price. Android wins big, yet again. Fact: The more Apple jacks up iPhone prices, the fewer iPhones will be sold.

    Apple won’t be able to sell many iPhones in two of the biggest smartphone markets so that basically puts an end to Apple’s iPhone business. I’m sure Apple will be able to sell a few more iPhones in the U.S. and Europe, but that’s not going to make up for losses of millions in unit sales. It’s absolutely sickening how Android smartphones destroyed Apple’s iPhone business but that’s a done deal with no possible recovery for Apple.

    I don’t care if Apple offers a 5nm A15 SoC in a fancy new iPhone. Almost no one is going to pay $1000 for it. There will be dozens of Android smartphone equivalents for one-fourth the price and that’s what consumers will be buying in the tens of millions of units. iPhone sales hit a wall and that’s that. Even as an Apple shareholder, I can vaguely see the iPhone’s best days are behind it.

    1. Tens of millions of people happy to pay over $1000 for an iPhone. You, as a cheapskate scum bag, can either buy a refurb or 2nd hand Iphone, or you can phukk off to the Android Dark side of the force where Vader can hand massage your gonaads for you as much as you want. You’ll be in your magnificent circle jerk.

      1. Tens of millions of people happy to pay over $1000 for an iPhone

        And 6,000 million people don’t pay. Golly, there’s no “market upside” sales potential there to ignore, right?

        You, as a cheapskate scum bag …

        YMMV, but I’m not about to go buy YA iPhone that’s merely incrementally a little bit faster than my current iPhone when Apple is asking more for one than what my local Porsche Dealer asks for an oil change.

      2. Wow. This is where we are?

        Couldn’t we just say “Apple’s prices are too high for giant market share,” and “Apple’s got millions of customers at high profit margins and is making billions?”

        Instead of hurling vulgarity at each other?

        1. Wow. This is where we are?

          Unfortunately, yes it is.

          The rudeness is a manifestation of just how bad the insecurity is of those whose life is defined by merely what material goods they aspire to own…

  2. MDN: “Listen, if your iPhone still has a Home button, you need a new iPhone.”

    Well I guess people who prefer faster access with a discreet fingerprint press no longer matter. Sorry, don’t agree on the premise. I don’t want a phone that costs more than a computer and have to develop tennis elbow lifting it to my face all day, AKWARD to say the least, and bombarded with beams. And no, I don’t need a new iPhone my SE is PERFECT!…

    1. Then SeHUT UP about it, GoseB. You love your SE, we get that you uSE it SEveryday and that in all formSE of converSEation, that you SEe the SE everywhere.

      We get it. Why don’t you go and SEnjoy it and SEtop annoying the rest of us with all of your SEcobabble.

      Yes, I’m very SErious. Just SHUt Up for a while and give the rest of us SomE peace and friggin’ quiet.

      1. @Magnificently not an andriod loserd — Friday 8:50 pm

        @SEth SEes GoeB’s SEpirit and says shut up anyway — Friday 8:47 pm

        @GoeB the FAKE imposter — Saturday 4:56 pm

        MDN TEAM ALERT! Pointing out (three posts) from the repeat offender and SERIAL PLAGUE insult artist BANNED Citizen X.

        Changes his screen name on EVERY post and actually it is comical that he thinks he is getting away with his deceit.

        No, he is the FOOL and we are NOT. I ignore him repeatedly but just pointing out the potty mouth plague is still out there and he does not deserve the DIGNITY of a response…

        1. Wow, you do love to whine, GoeB. Should we call the whinebulance for you? Your Trump views are correct, your Apple views, too, but you whine like a whiny little whiner who whines whinily. You’re not winning, you’re #whining.

    1. I don’t agree with your post theloniousmac, sorry. There is only so much neglect an Apple pro user can ENDURE.

      FIRST Apple computer in 1983. Consistently purchased high-end pro desktops and laptops that met industry demands in my field.

      Five+ years with NOTHING new in pro desktops under iPad Cook, simply inexcusable. Many MDN denizens have been posting for years: overpriced, old processors, no easy upgrade paths, lacking industry standard graphics cards, expensive SSDs, thermal issues, you know the rest.

      I guess Jony thinks we should sit around on an art museum bench to marvel at a small round black computer cylinder that pleases the fashion industry and design judges. I’ll pass.

      Phil Schiller, Jun 16, 2013: “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass!” How prophetic Phil! Almost SIX YEARS LATER you are absolutely CORRECT!!! Where is the innovation in 2019?

      The current Mac Pro for sale is NOT a “premium product,” it is EMBARRASSING. Following Apple history the flagship Macs BUILT the company known in the beginning as Apple Computer.

      If Apple releases a pro desktop in 2019 I will know in less than an hour whether or not my cheese grater is the LAST Apple pro purchase…

  3. Had an old iPhone 6 Plus. I was waiting until the new iPhones came out last year to upgrade. Finally upgraded to an iPhone XS MAX in December. I originally thought Face ID was pretty much a gimmick. Boy, was I wrong. It is fantastic. I love just picking up my phone and getting going. It’s truly amazing. It’s expensive, but I figured that in. Love the new phone. Wouldn’t go back.

  4. My wife and I both have a 6s Plus with new batteries. My cousin and his wife have 6’s and we’re all happy with our phones.

    Likewise, I have a late 2015 27 inch iMac, my wife has a 2010 13 inch MacBook and at the moment she’s telecommuting on my old 2009 iMac.

    Not one of these phones or computers are being replaced as “just work”.

    As for getting a new a phone to replace the home button I’d rather save up for a battery to back up our solar panels on our roof rather than being needlessly being wasteful by replacing our phones. Now that would be consistent with Apple’s much vaunted plan of being environmentally friendly.

    1. As for getting a new a phone to replace the home button I’d rather save up for a battery to back up our solar panels …

      Or you could pay for a pair of airline tickets to go visit Iceland. That’s what I did.

  5. I want a smaller full featured iphone (not cheap several generations behind SE). I dont mind paying $1000. Please let me know where can I get one.
    I was offered an iphone XS at work for free. I turned down the offer because it is too big

  6. There are only so many tricks Apple can do to hide the price of a $1,000 phone. People are making payments on phones now like they are cars. The current pricing should be:
    $699 iPhone XR
    $899 iPhone XS
    $999 iPhone XS Max

    That is still premium pricing and not a race to the bottom, but those figures would be a LOT easier to swallow. Don’t tell my they can’t do it – Apple now offers a 10% discount to current and former military.

    Google has the Pixel 3 currently priced at $649 and $749. There are deep discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S9 for even less. Anyone cross shopping who isn’t married to iOS has a really, really hard time justifying $1,000 to get Apple’s smallest phone without a home button.

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