Apple honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Apple is honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the company’s website’s homepage with the following quote:

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Apple CEO Tim Cook quoted Dr. Martin Luther King via his Twitter account this past weekend while thanking “Dorsa Elementary students and all who joined Apple volunteers in San Jose.”

Sixty years ago, Dr. King called on all of us to make a career of humanity. “You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in.”

MacDailyNews Note: Today is Martin Luther King Day in the U.S. and the markets are closed. As usual on such trading holidays, we will have limited posting today.


  1. How can Tim Cook and Apple be so distracted by social and political issues and at the same time make technology at the level that they need to?

    The answer is they can’t.

    You would think after the plummeting of iPhone sales and the dip in revenues, along with Tim’s letter to investors, Apple would be pulling all nighters working as hard as they can to develop new technology that anyone with any experience in this industry knows takes zillions of hours and a lot of sweat: you don’t have time for this crap.

    1. Shouldn’t EVERYONE be taking a moment today to be ‘distracted’? Maybe this is the root of so many of the social issues we face today. In other words, no one gives a damn. We don’t care about our neighbours, the homeless, immigrants, etc etc. When I watched on TV the other day when a an American citizen was asked if he supported the government shutdown. He said that normally he would regardless if it affected others but since he is directly affected by it, being a Federal employee, he decided he is against it.

      He is for it only if other people pay the price….doesn’t that say it all?

      1. MLK is effectively meaningless to me. I’m not American. These are not my problems and weren’t my problems. I live in a different country with our own unique set of issues.

        Apple is a global company: they need to shut up and stay out of politics. They’re nothing more than a for profit company who just wants your money.

        If you think Apple is just being sincere here and not looking for media attention you’re also naive.

        Shut up and make innovative products Apple.

  2. Interesting that MDN merely refers to MLK Day as a “trading holiday”. Usually, MDN comments that they’ll be celebrating a Federal Holiday (which this is) with family and friends.

    1. I don’t know one American who “celebrates” MLK day with family and friends. It’s not like it’s Christmas or New Year’s. It’s just a politically correct Monday off in January to most people.

  3. Writing from the burbs near Memphis, where Dr King died.

    What always gets lost in all the hullabaloo around MLK was that the man murdered by James Earl Ray had moved beyond civil rights for African-Americans under Jim Crow to oppose the US involvement in the Vietnam War (Riverside Church sermon, for example) and the Poor People’s Campaign which was for all the poor and working class people in this country.

    He was in Memphis to support a group of Garbage Men- all African-American – who had formed a Union under the ASFCME because of their poor wages and working conditions. These men who worked full time made so little that they qualified for Food Stamps. They had no shower facilities provided at work so they had to go home stinking of the refuse of their city. A couple of these men were riding home on the back of a garbage truck to go home when they were killed. This is the source of the ” I AM A MAN” signs that they wore- there was no basic decency shown these men and the Mayor at the time refused to recognize their union or grant them anything.

    Dr King’s first visit to Memphis was sabotaged by outsiders who instigated a riot that is wisely believed to have been paid for by opponents of their union. The police waded in and indiscriminately beat anyone unfortunate enough to not be in law enforcement that day. Dr King came back on that April day to do it again and make it a peaceful march.

    MLK was standing with unionizing African-American Garbage Men when he came back to Memphis and this is how James Earl Ray knew he would be there. There was a bounty on his head and Ray wanted the money for killing MLK.

    Corporate America’s image makers have tried to make this very human man something other than what he was. MLK smoked and he is known to have enjoyed the company of women other than his wife thanks to the FBIs spying on him- he was a flawed human like any of us. But he was also opposing the US military policy, was endorsing things like a universal basic income and was expanding his work to all of the working poor of all races. This never gets mentioned in corporate ads from outfits like Apple.

    He was 39 years old when he died and he bent the arc of history during his brief time here.

  4. @DSWE- I am not American either. Does that matter here?

    Your negative post so perfectly illustrates my point.
    -These are not my problems…
    – they need to shut up and stay out of politics…
    – you’re also naive.
    – Shut up and make innovative products Apple.

    Being good and kind to your fellow man? Respect and tolerance of others? These are good and important virtues, the lack of which makes this world a poorer place to live. You clearly could learn a lot from MLK.

  5. April is Confederate History Month.

    I’m looking forward to Apple honoring the bravery and sacrifice of the Southern troops against the hegemony of the Yankee invaders.

    1. Invaders? Who fired the first shot? For all your southern pride, you forgot that the real reason most battles were fought in the south is because Lee perfected the art of retreat.

      The southerners, despite decades of attempted revisionism, were fighting solely to maintain the practice of slavery. This is greed based on the sick belief that political power entitles the rich to benefit from free labor by the oppressed. All the talk of state rights and heritage is bullshit. Thank goodness that sensible men put an end once and for all to slavery.

      By the way, the North rebuilt the South so now you actually have paved roads, modern farms, and factories. The bulk of the south wouldn’t have ever progressed into the modern era if you had stayed wed to a sick economy of slavery, where >75% of the population could not pay taxes because they were not paid at all. What you and trumpistas don’t understand is that Greatness results when 100% of the population is engaged and rewarded for their contributions. political assholes like Trump think only of their base, which of course weakens the country as the superficialities like skin color, sex, wealth and so forth are all blown out of proportion. Every individual deserves equal opportunity and dignity without a plantation owner yielding a whip over him/her.

      1. Uh….dude. No one is arguing your point about slavery but you have tilted the reality wheel to far the other way. Want to be impressive? Stick to facts or at least learn hem first.

        And yes the first shot was fired at Northern troops on Southern territory.

        Again, be a little more realistic and less pompous about the South (because you really aren’t any better…)

  6. “…The southerners, despite decades of attempted revisionism, were fighting solely to maintain the practice of slavery…”

    Nonsense. Talk about revisionism.

    The vast majority in the South did not own slaves. Most people in the South were as poor as the slaves themselves. While this is not to say that whites were in anyway as mistreated as slaves, you should be aware that many whites worked in the fields right next to the slaves. They simply were not as badly exploited. They were free to come and go as they pleased.

    Large numbers of slaves were owned by wealthy land and plantation owners, smaller numbers by farmers, but your average person, didn’t own any.

    It’s interesting. Often when I go to large homes in Southern California to put in networks, etc. I note that there are often a number of Spanish speaking illegals working there, helping to manage the big houses. Smaller homes will have less, maybe only one. When I go to your average person’s house and help them out, there are no Spanish speaking illegals at all. They do their own laundry, cut their own lawn, care for their own children, etc.

    Interesting parallel don’t you think?

    In the South, the rank and file bought off on the illusion of an idyllic paradise, and were also sold on the idea of “Northern Aggression.” The idea of Northern Aggression created a sense of “them against us” and even the poorest of whites felt equal to the richest of whites in that sense. They had a common enemy. The North.

    There was even a school of thought that felt if slavery were abolished, all of those jobs could go to whites. Again, kinda sounds familiar.

    Also your assertion that “Greatness results when 100% of the population is engaged and rewarded for their contribution” is pure Marxist bullshit.

    You are pushing for the “equality” of a society in grey overalls working toward usually nothing more than eliminating those who are not of the party. Meanwhile everyone else works to support the party, because, of course, some are more equal than others.

    Greatness results when a human being can pursue their own happiness as their chief purpose. Greatness results when we strive for achievement as our most noble of objectives. I pursue my own interests as my offering to society. I do not work for “the Führer.” I do not work for the party. I am not a drone in your vision of a glorious unified cooperative.

    I work in exchange for payment. I create wealth. I exchange payment for the goods and services of others. In this way I do the greatest honor to society. I do not depend on the state to care for me. I do not depend on the state to feed me. In this way I do the greatest of honors to Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who took a bullet so that I might have such an opportunity. 

Do you understand that? He died so that I might have THE SAME OPPORTUNITY to achieve success as others. He did not die so that I could be “engaged and rewarded for my contribution.”

    Greatness results when the rational, reasoning mind is the foundation upon which our moral character is based. It is when we stray from such western values that we lose direction and succumb to such typical progressive dogma.

    It is you “Ocasio Collectivists” who do not understand greatness. To you a city of clock-watchers whose only goal is to surrender not one additional minute of drudgery to the dystopia, is preferable to a society where human beings compete to achieve more, do more, and own more as a result. You call it greed and avarice. I call it individual sovereignty, freedom, integrity, and productivity.

    We have seen your world of people, 100% engaged over and over and we will not fall for it again.

    1. Great post as usual Thelonious.

      Nothing like having to tackle (true) ignorance that has trickled down from socialist-minded teacher’s union which rules many larger cities in America, perpetuating the poor through lack of understanding reality.

      As a child of the South, I will add that even the families and areas that weren’t thrilled about the war, once it started and became an invasion from the North (as it HAD to be!) the atrocities that happened to small farmers, hamlets and towns trying to save their homes/homestead so families could SURVIVE caused much resentment against the North, hence another reason for the term “Northern Aggression”.

      Adding to your point about illegals being what I call “half-slaves” I worked for 20 years in a large area that included Southern Arkansas, East Texas, Northern Louisiana, Middle Mississippi with forays into Alabama, Southern Louisiana, South Mississippi.

      Going backroads one thing that always stood out in these former slave plantation lands is the number of Black men not working in most of the small towns. Very little industry, slow Obama economy, not much oil production and I wonder why do they stay? These are lands that used to employ so much labor they had to import men from Mexico to pick the fields but now much of that is automated, illegals have taken over (and many legals too) leaving a HUGE unemployed Black communities. Why? Because the Federal and State governments pay them NOT to work.

      In the past, after work dried up in areas men would eventually leave to find work elsewhere, bringing their families when they could. They no longer need to do this. Sporadic work can promise a small stream of cash to add to the ‘free’ money. This in turn keeps local wages suppressed because anytime labor is needed there is a huge pool of unemployed men ready to work. Had most left to work elsewhere then fewer men to choose from would not only guarantee more work for fewer men instead of spread out over many but also the value of that labor would go up. Who came up with this system to keep farmers able to pay next to nothing for labor? The same party that ran most of the South (and Washington D.C.) up until the late 1980s put it into motion and fight tooth and nail to keep it.

      The South may have lost the Civil War, but the Democrats won the Culture War, leaving Blacks and illegals as poor as ever.

    2. So basically, you support the very same system that created, promoted and allowed slavery to blight the lives of African Americans and subjugate poor white folks….because it holds out the possibility of dignity earned by ‘winning’ at someone else’s expense?
      Stockholm Syndrome haunts the poorly educated.

  7. Martin Luther King astounded America with his historic ‘I have a dream’ speech. His demand for racial justice and a unified society became mantra for the black community and is as known to successive American generations as the US Declaration of Independence. In his speech, King stresses upon equality and presents his dream of an ideal non-racist community. Here you can read examples of works that are connected with speech and the most special fighter for social justice.

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