Leak reveals Apple’s next-gen iPhone with three rear cameras

The well-connected and rather reliable Ben Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) has posted via Twitter what he says is Apple’s next-gen 2019 iPhone featuring three rear cameras.

Geskin offers two versions, one with the cameras in a square configuration and on with the cameras arranged in a diamond pattern within a larger, square camera bump versus the rectangular bump that is seen today on Apple’s X-class iPhones.

Geskin notes that by moving the speaker upwards, Apple will be able to reduce the size of the TrueDepth Camera notch by a significant and noticeable 33%.

(click on the images in the tweets for larger versions)

Ben Geskin’s Twitter page here.

MacDailyNews Take: Definitely looks plausible and it’s certainly nice to see that Apple plans to put the inelegant kludge on a diet, at least!

Now, what will Phil Schiller name them? iPhone XI Turbo? iPhone XI Quattro? iPhone XI Hemi?


    1. If this is true it’s just shameful.

      If I could only use one word to describe Tim Cook, it would have to be ”greedy”; but the words “incompetent”, “lazy”, “arrogant” and “smug” would also be extremely hard to pass up.

    1. No no no, don’t you see? They made the ugly part smaller.

      Honestly if they just threw in an optin to lock off the notch bar, everybody would stop griping.

      1. Apple has a strange tradition of adding stuff people haven’t been asking for while removing useful features that are needed to bridge the awkward transitions to the new exciting world of Jony Ive dreams.

        It appears the Apple external design team (could there possibly be more than one or two of them?) is now headed by the “genius” who designed the Humpback battery case.

        Other than relying on Google software, most developers and users would prefer a modern phone should look something like this:


        1. Right block off 5 times more space than the notch move the battery info etc down so it blocks off even more real estate when it otherwise fits nicely either side of the notch (especialy in the smaller notch version) and that’s preferable? Glad you aren’t one of the ‘1 or 2’ Apple designers then.

  1. Won’t be upgrading my iPhone X until 5G is available, probably a couple years away. Be nice of the notch goes away too. I love iPhone camera improvements but I have other options too in that regard.

    1. Don’t wait for 5G- you will be SERIOUSLY disappointed! It will ONLY work in cities, will bombard people with relatively high levels of radiation (because the frequencies they will use require higher power because the signals are absorbed by walls and air!), will make the phones bigger and will use a LOT more battery power for relatively little gain. 5G is a disaster waiting to happen, but everyone thinks it’s the “next great thing” because 5 > 4. It ain’t so and don’t let them boondoggle you…

      1. !!BINGO!!! Macman is spot on the money with 5g’s shortcomings…..
        The 5G promises will fall flat until and if the technology progresses to a suitable point.

        Right now I think 5G will be a big bust except in some urban settings where alllllll the extra antennas and repeaters will have to be permitted, installed, and maintained…….

    1. Someone has said that the current bulge uses internal space not needed by the notch. Flip your iPhone X back and forth and you’ll see that the bulge ends where the notch begins. A smaller notch in a future phone could leave room for a bigger bulge, internally speaking.

        1. The camera lens is over 3cm away from the fingerprint sensor. In your rush to be argumentative, you failed to see that the white dot is the flash. Pretty easy to spot your fanboy motives.

          Go ahead and ignore the fact that unlike Apple, this Nokia phone offers more battery in a nicely rounded back, a significantly higher volume for battery and longer camera focal length without the bulk, beautiful anodized machined aluminum details in a symmetric design, power button isn’t directly opposite the volume controls, a notch-free screen, and a very much more desireable price tag. The only thing it doesn’t have is a Google-free OS. Hardware design wise, it’s everything iPhone owners I know say they want. Except fanboys, of course, who worship everything Ive shats.

  2. Nah, looks bad. Why not have a camera bar across the top back? That way when you set the camera down the phone won’t wobble. Plus it would look somewhat better.

  3. Make a smaller phone (4″) for those who don’t want to stare at themselves daily with selfies and have a small footprint in the pocket… something MANY of my friends and family are waiting for to purchase

  4. Hideous. And stop with these bulges already. Make the phone a little bit thicker, add battery, and have a smooth back. This is the worst of all worlds design. Ugly, and not practical.

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