Apple launches trade-in program in China to get Android users to upgrade to iPhones

“Apple is having a rough quarter selling iPhones to Chinese consumers, according to CEO Tim Cook’s letter to investors on Wednesday,” Krystal Hu reports for Yahoo Finance. “Cook blamed the macroeconomy and U.S.-China trade tensions, but said the company won’t ‘sit around waiting for the macro to change’ in an interview with CNBC.”

“The iPhone maker has come up with what it hopes to be a solution to tepid sales in its second-largest market: get people to trade in their Android phones for credit to help them buy a newly-released iPhone,” Hu reports. “To boost iPhone sales, Apple launched a ‘GiveBack’ trade-in promotion offer for its new iPhone XS and iPhone XR devices in the U.S. in November. In late December, the promotional program for the new models went live in China, adding one major perk: users in China can not only trade in their old iPhones, but also Android phones made by Apple’s major competitors in China, including Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi.”

“Consumers can trade in a Huawei’s flagship phone Mate 9 PRO with 128 GB storage, for example, for a 720 yuan ($104) credit that they can use on iPhone XS and XR purchases,” Hu reports. “But the trade-in value for Android Phones seems to be much lower than old iPhone devices.”

MacDailyNews Take: This is, of course, because Android phones are dog-slow, insecure, iPhone knockoffs with no meaningful resale value, so Apple’s going to strip them down for recycling and disposal.

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s going to take much more than this, but a start is a start.

One thing’s true the world over: If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.


  1. The real question is why did so many people in the USA, and even in China, buy Android in the first place? To such a HUGE extent that Android DWARFS Apple market share as Windows did Mac OS? Hmmmm any guesses? Apples supposed “walled garden” wasn’t enough for nearly every market to buy Android? Education to swerve towards Chromebook and Google apps suite? MDN insists that an iPhone is the best, and they’re right, but why not price that to the masses?
    Like I said earlier, Isn’t Apple supposed to be for the People? All the great people? or does Apple have a slight “Basket of Deplorable’s” attitude? Yet Timmy let’s the educational market go to Chromebook, and the PRO market go to Windows…? Makes no sense, He’s gotta go! – there were plenty of sales to be made when many markets are only 10 % occupied by Apple, otherwise dominated by Alexa, Amazon, Movies in Prime, Netflix, Google, and how is Android so far ahead of Apple saturation? Does Timmy want to sell iPhones to only RICH Transgenders?

  2. Apple’s corporate mentality is addicted to high profit margins and sees this as the metric for success rather than market share.

    There really is nothing special about Apple’s computers these days yet they’re priced way higher than comparable products. MacOS is no longer the draw it used to be, Windows is no longer the bay of shite it used to be so consumers are faced with paying 2x for a Mac or getting a very nice laptop that does everything perfectly adequately. Same argument with phones and tablets and people are voting with their wallets.

    Go onto any Mac forum and see the shear number of people complaining about pricing.

    It’s about pricing Tim!

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