Apple’s iPhone XR was Taiwan’s top-selling smartphone in November

“In a new supply chain report published today we learn that Apple managed to ramp up their shares in Taiwan’s handset market in November,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “With the exception of Apple most vendors saw their market shares retreat in the month in terms of unit shipments, said the sources.”

“Apple led all others with a 33.6% share in unit shipments, up from 30.4% a month earlier,” Purcher reports. “Samsung ranked second with a 16.7% share, followed by Asustek at 10.4% and Oppo at 8.5%.”

Purcher reports, “Meanwhile, Apple accounted a majority 65.9% share in the month in terms of sales value, followed by Samsung at 10.6%, Oppo at 4.9%, Asustek at 4.6%, Huawei at 4.2% and Sony Mobile at 3.6%.”

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBAID.

The top 10 bestselling smartphones in Taiwan (November 2018):

1. Apple iPhone XR 128GB
2. Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)
3. Apple iPhone XS Max 256GB
4. Apple iPhone XR 64GB
5. Apple iPhone XS 256GB

6. Oppo AX5
7. Oppo R17
8. Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB
9. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB and
10. Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB


  1. Analysts are lemmings jumping off the cliff. Assumptions of decreased iPhone sales/profit are idiotic and have nothing to do with reality. Apple is not an iPhone company. It has other divisions that in and of themselves would qualify apple as a Fortune 500 company. One day the iPhone will be replaced with better tech. The market will never kill the iPhone. Only Apple will determine when to replace it (think iPod).

    1. “Apple is not an iPhone company.”

      Right, they are a Mac Pro company!

      Well, at least up until Cook took over and made it the iPad company fueled by iPhone profits… 🤨

  2. So the same moron analysts that underestimated AAPL’s earnings by 20 cents a share and who program the fucking computers to buy or sell are being followed off their own cliff by investors with ADD who jump around like spit on a griddle. You folks should consider a CD and stay out of the market.

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