Apple expected to keep iPhone notch until at least 2020

“If you’re not a particularly huge fan of the notched design on the iPhone, you’ll have to get used to it or seek out an alternative because according to leakster Ice Universe, Apple is apparently sticking with the notched design until at least 2020, following which they are expected to use a hole-in display,” Tyler Lee reports for Ubergizmo.

“The idea that Apple could continue using the notch in 2019 doesn’t come as a surprise as the 6.5-inch and 6.1-inch iPhone XS Max and iPhone XRs are new models, and Apple typically keeps its designs around for at least 2 generations,” Lee reports. “What’s interesting is the suggestion that Apple could opt for the hole-in display which is a design that Huawei and Samsung have recently put forward.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Exchanging one inelegant kludge for another is a lose-lose design decision.


  1. There are bad ergonomics all over the XR including the kludge, which means you cannot get an instant battery readout. For snappers, the X-RAY is a nightmare, especially compared to the excellent SE.

    1. Very possibly there will never be a more important time for a new SE than next year if these claims ar true for it will be important to get cheaper less sophisticated models out to keep people on board if the glory models are going to look at least go many perceptually less advanced or capellini than the opposition. How many hands to Apple actually have to sit on while they whistle away their time in the labs.

      1. I have a feel…. Just a gut feel…. that a small size X style phone is in the plans for next year.

        Off the topic though.. what i really want is an iOS-Pro.. with a robust CORE user manageable file/folder system across the ecosys…

    2. No Instant battery % readout.
      Am i really reading this correctly ? This is a serious complaint ?🤦‍♂️


      Are you geometry and proportion/ratio challenged?

      If so .. are swipe down challenged too?

      Seriously Mind boggling !

  2. If Apple really do fall up to two years behind much of the opposition and all the I portnt ones and then simply introduces th same one they have already begn to introduce is boing to be a tough sell especially unless they start introducing innovative and far more flexible software to take advantage of the hardware power. If they continue the present policy of increase/sustain device profits by further increasing prices I will be getting serious squeaky movements in my posterior. Dread to think what the markets will say if that firms up. It seems Cook is increasingly blind to the increased market competition..

  3. Never cared whether the notch was there, still don’t and I think people that obsess over things like this like people at MDN seem to do, need to get a life… There are more important things and unless they actually have a workable technical solution to the problem. they need put up or shut up..

    Eventually there will be a design that may not include the notch, then we’ll hear people whining they don’t know whether their phone is up or down because the notch isn’t there and they are looking for the lightning port..

    1. You don’t mind the “notch,” well good for you. But there are many of us like myself who despise it and will not buy it. BTW, I have a great life thank you very much that has nothing to do with a comprised BAD design decision that sparked a firestorm …

  4. I’m not in full agreement with some of you who feel the Notch is insignificant. Apple charges a lot of money for these devices and they should design them to accommodate meticulous and non meticulous Apple fans. The frustrating part is that it seems that Samsung is always a step ahead of Apple in many ways but at the same time we still have to pay so much money for these iPhones and sometimes have to wait a long period of time for Apple to catch up with the times. I firmly believe the Notch must be removed or just simply make the Notch go all across the top of the phone as it won’t change the fact that the phone will not be a full screen phone until the Notch is remove, Bottom line.

  5. Will keep using iPhone 8 and maybe get an extra spare until Apple gets a clue.

    The notch and rounded screen corners are stupid. Face id is a non starter. Price for the new complicated phat phones are ridiculous. The real world performance of Apples phones hasn’t improved, just more bloat.

    1. no thanks is exactly right. We have the noticeable “kludge” obtrusive notch walking over artistic content; the premium feature gimmick Face ID requiring users to raise their arms and face off with your phone dozens of times a day; slight improvement in cameras and chip speed. But the premium feature customers are recoiling against is overpricing for minimal improvements. Siri was a value added revolution in its day. Face ID, too much for too little. My SE sits on a desk, kitchen table or the local tavern bar — discretely push the fingerprint ID and instant on. Face ID is simply not worth the price increase IMHO, but to each his own. If all Apple has left in iPhone innovation is bloated overhyped gimmicks and raising the price, the road ahead will get a lot rougher…

      1. What edge-to-edge effect?

        First, it does not currently have any actual edge-to-edge — there 1is a bezel around the whole screen.

        Second, it does not have a “the whole front is a screen” effect either, since large notch in your full-screen picture.

        So nothing lost at all by moving the notch gear off the screen except an ugly display obstruction.

  6. For you people that hate the notch, keep denying yourself the obvious advantages of FaceID and the iPhone X series…

    And unless you people really have a technical solution to the issue, and just don’t want to share, then you perpetuate the problem…

    However, it is my opinion that there is NO simple technical solution for the notch, other than the edge of the screen stops at the notch and it is no longer part of the screen. Then you’d get all the same whining and belly aching that it’s not edge to edge screen or some other crap.

    Eventually the notch may disappear when there is actually a way to integrate the functions in the notch as a part of the display, however I suspect this is NOT coming anytime soon…

    bottomline: Get over it and get a life..

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