Apple patent application reveals work on iPhones with both Touch ID and Face ID

“This week the European Patent Office published two major patent applications from Apple that relates to biometrics and more specifically to both Face and Touch ID on the same iPhone,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“While 99% of the patent is about setting up Face ID and using it in different scenarios,” Purcher reports, “Apple does mention Touch ID once in patent point # 1061 as follows in-part: ‘In response to detecting the predefined operation and in accordance with a determination that biometric authentication (e.g., Touch ID, Face ID) via the one or more biometric sensors is available, the electronic device on the display … will cause credentials to be submitted via the credential submission user the interface element.'”

Apple patent application diagrams “illustrate the option to use Touch ID if Face ID fails and a password if both biometrics fail,” Purcher reports. “This idea was either dropped by Apple or could be something being seriously considered in the future.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We haven’t missed Touch ID since the day we got our iPhone X units, November 3, 2017.


  1. Good! Face ID was a stupid idea. I get it – pick up your phone, and presto! It opens as if by magic. It has not turned out to be practical, like so many of millennial Silicon Valley’s peurile contrivances. It would be absolutely fantastic if Apple made Face ID optional. I am beyond weary of the ‘disruption’ mentality – it was something modern engineers and marketers have misunderstood on a profound level, taken as, ‘We will TELL you what you like and need, and you will LIKE it – or else!’, rather than, ‘Here’s a great idea you may have not even thought of!’. It’s gotten pretty annoying.

  2. Excellent points!
    To add a couple of more:
    Apple has become pretty impervious to what their customers really think and/or want at the street level, and when they finally sensed their revolt, they scramble like fire drills, i.e., does not look like they have a consistent marketing idea. Too many basic failures these days.
    Another point is that the days Apple can use Face ID, small screen OLED or monster size phone as excuses to jack up the price like raking money in like millet in wet hands are over. They should stop over-dependence on the iPhone and return to their roots…..and fast!

    1. Both you guys make some very good points there certainly is a gulf opening up between company and its customers of late. Not helped by the pathetic MDN rant the other other day (if Apple truly believes it) that even many present users are apparently far too poor and cheapskate to actually be worth consideration from the company as they milk profits out of every existing minimally updated product rather than actually innovate or even update them in a timely fashion to substantiate the increasing prices.

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