Apple Books releases six free audiobooks read by celebrity narrators

“Apple Books has published six exclusive audiobooks this week, showcasing six great first listen titles read by celebrity narrators,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “The books themselves are all public domain works from Pride and Prejudice to Winnie the Pooh, recorded by Apple and released in the Book Store for free.”

“Only available on Apple Books, Apple has partnered with celebrities including actresses Kate Beckinsale and Karen Gillan, and comedian Tituss Burgess,” Mayo reports. “The titles range from four to twelve hours in length.”

The six titles are:

• Pride and Prejudice, narrated by Kate Beckinsale
• The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, narrated by Tituss Burgess
• The Secret Garden, narrated by Karen Gillan
• The Time Machine, narrated by Kelsey Grammer
• Frankenstein, narrated by Aaron Mahnke of the Lore podcast
• Winnie the Pooh, narrated by Disney Book Group

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The work involved in the creation of these audio books in not insignificant. Get these free gifts and listen to them in the car, train, or plane when traveling for the holidays!

More info via Apple’s iTunes Store here.


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        Later he turned his rod into a snake.
        You heard me, there’s f*ckin’ snakes on the page!!
        What’s in YOUR Bible…?”

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