iOS jailbreaking takes a hit as Cydia Store shuts down

“The end may be nigh for iOS jailbreaking as the Cydia Store officially shut down this week, depriving a once thriving community of an important app distribution platform,” Andrew O’Hara reports for AppleInsider.

“Creator Jay Saurik made the announcement in a Reddit thread on Thursday, confirming the demise of the jailbreaking community’s main app store,” O’Hara reports. “At its peak, Cydia was able to support a small team devoted to its upkeep, but that time has long passed. Recently, Cydia has made next to nothing for Saurik, instead costing him thousands of dollars a month, not to mention his mental well-being.”

O’Hara reports, “While it is no longer possible to make purchases through Cydia, the repo itself will still be around, allowing users to download previous purchases or make purchases through third-parties.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: iOS has progressed to the point where jailbreaking is a lot less attractive than it used to be. The hassles and security issues just aren’t worth it anymore.

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