Apple’s macOS platform gains new stunning VR 3D software with ‘eyecad VR’

“The folks at Italian software maker EYECAD VR have reached out to Architosh earlier today to inform us of their relatively new product offering,” Anthony Frausto-Robledo writes for Architosh. “And they have a catchy cool tagline also — ‘Reality is not enough.'”

“While the product is young, the company importantly made a note to Architosh that their latest release is available for Apple’s macOS platform,” Frausto-Robledo writes. “Working from Piazza Federico di Svevia, Syracuse, Italy, the award-winning tech startup has three products within the same range — eyecad VR, eyecad VR Advanced, and eyecad VR Pro.”

Frausto-Robledo writes, “With eyecad VR you import your models from a variety of software systems and execute high-quality real-time renders and VRs.”

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        1. But that is already being done in 3D CAD applications now. So I really want to know what is different.

          It is one thing to show a 3 minute modeled 3D video.

          It is another thing entirely to do all the 3D modeling to get to the point of then assembling the models, constraining them, setting the lighting/sun views, textures and colors, which can take days.

          The difference is that the 3D visualization software is what comes after the design work is done or at least prototyped.

  1. Name one native Mac 3D integrated modeling and analysis software used in mass at engineering firms. Anyone????

    The only one with a fairly sizeable user base is AutoCAD, which is okay for drafting. The Mac port of AutoCAD will create basic drawings and models but is well behind the curve for integrating with FMEA, mechanics, materials optimization, fluid dynamics, thermal modeling, etcetera.

    Could this partially explain why it takes Apple 5 years to design any new hardware — always constrained by fashion that appears to come from a VP of design who apparently uses only pencil and paper — when competitors roll out cutting edge new computers annually with better features and performance?????

    Apple has lost its ability to compete. Until it mans up on the Mac front, no sane investor should back Cook’s push to make Apple a mobile/wearable fashion shop, cashing in on brand name and exclusivity that comes from overpricing rather than performance and versatility.

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