iOS 12 adoption crosses 75% threshold, well ahead of iOS 11 rate

“iOS 12 adoption continues to steadily increase, outpacing iOS 11 by several weeks,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “Last year, Mixpanel recorded 75% share for iOS 11 on December 17th. iOS 12 reached the same milestone yesterday, or about three weeks faster.”

“The analytics company currently says that iOS 12 has a 75.05% share of the iOS install base, with iOS 11 at 19.5% and older versions making up less than 5.5% of the total pie,” Mayo reports.

“iOS 11 was widely seen as a fumble in software quality, which led to Apple making performance a key focus of iOS 12. The strategy certainly seems to have paid off,” Mayo reports. “Apple also executed better on shipping promised features this year. iOS 11 saw many key features delayed to future updates, like AirPlay 2 and Messages in iCloud not shipping until one week before iOS 12 was announced at WWDC. With iOS 12, Group FaceTime was missing from the 12.0 but it was released in the very next update, iOS 12.1.”

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MacDailyNews Take: While iOS 12 is certainly a solid release, it looks particularly stellar thanks to its stilted mess of a predecessor.

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