Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater wins award for Structural Artistry

“The Steve Jobs Theater Pavilion in the Apple Park has been given a 2018 Structure Award by the Institution of Structural Engineers for Structural Artistry,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple World Today. “The awards honor the creativity of structural engineers with the winning projects showcasing cutting edge examples of innovative engineering solutions.”

“The Steve Jobs Theater Pavilion is the largest structure in the world solely supported by glass. It features a 47m carbon fibre roof, the largest of its kind, comprised of 44 radial panels, which were assembled on site before being raised into position in one lift,” Sellers reports. “This 80 tonne roof is supported by a 7m high glass cylinder, made up of glass panels, each consisting of four layers of 12mm thick plies, which hold up the roof without any additional support.”

Apple's Steve Jobs Theater
Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats to all of those who worked on and built the wonderful Steve Jobs Theater!

Interns, TTK. Hoist, everyone! Prost!


  1. Nicely done Apple. That’s taking care of the customer’s needs.

    That’s taking care of the shareholder. He/she can comfort themselves knowing that Apple can hold up a roof better than anyone else, while watching 25% of the value of their stock go down the drain.

    Nice job Pipeline.

    1. Apple dropped 25% of its value… who cares.
      Did the same thing in 2016.
      Did the same thing in 2013.
      Lost 50% in 2009.
      Apple’s stock is 3 times its value when Tim Cook took over. I think by your reasoning that means he’s a genius.

      1. Percentage drops are a totally misleading market metric. Losing 25% off over a trillion in 2018 versus 25% off of roughly $400 billion in 2013 is night and day. Under Cook, Apple has set a record LOSS of value in a few weeks. You call that “genius?” Get a grip, fanboy…

        1. So 25% in 2013 is totally different to 25% in 2018? How very Trumpian…but then you are the Slavish Sycophant Lapdog – thanks Gotcha… where being the ‘dumbest student ever’ is just bigly A+ in achievement.

  2. meanwhile the Mac Mini gets totally panned by Ars Technica ( go read the MDN linked article. Nearly all points are valid. )

    Like i said elsewhere i’ve bought another $10000 of aapl during this drop so i’m not a ‘hater’ but even investors have to acknowledge last few years Apple’s priorities has been at least half screwed.

    Giant cafeteria doors ( which Tim Cook videoed!) one and half year to make door handles, silver edged special bespoke Apple ink Coffee Table books, fruit farms, ‘special maple only’ furniture, designer ceiling tiles, Apple product casing engineers assigned to deal with Campus glass issues ( thick glass is greenish which apparently drove Ive up the wall. He wanted it CLEAR. After a massive Scientific American type physics chemistry effort they got it CLEAR. Now they need to put ‘stick it notes’ on the glass as staffers walk into them…) etc x1000

    now he’s making Diamond Rings

    meanwhile Eddy Cue fell asleep (according to staffers) during SIRI meetings…

    Enough Already!

    btw: Apple sells computing devices not buildings…

    1. also: This week Ahrendts is trying to sell the 2013 Mac Pro on apple’s NEW Amazon page… !

      Imagine Ford trying to sell you a 2013 car this Christmas as NEW.

      Best buildings worst godawful pro flagship on the Planet ?
      Macs are Apple’s second biggest product : larger than TV, Watch, Beats, Homepod, AirPod COMBINED. and the TOP mac they are selling is from 2013. Even just for PUBLICITY this sucks.

      can people see some criticism is justified?

      people can flame me and say go to Windows (which I hate) etc but what I’ve written is simply true.

      I post so that Apple would fix it. If Apple had listened to us ‘ol ‘ Mac heads and fanboys’ years ago and keep up a DIVERSE product line and listened to criticisms of SIRI etc we wouldn’t be seeing 25% drops in aapl due to iPhone and other concerns. For years Tim Cook didn’t even run a single Mac Ad (Jobs had 66 DIFFERENT Mac/PC guy ads in 4 years, one new ad a month !)

      I really hope with this scary stock drop that Cook will get back to Jobs laser focus on PRODUCTS.

    2. Totally agree with your comments above and below.

      As to the glass, if Apple hold the patent for thick clear glass then they can make money licensing it. That is if Timmy can see the business opportunity.

  3. 12mm is approx. 1/2″ for each of the four layers of wall glass, making the wall 2″ thick. Seems kind of thin but I guess the carbon roof is relatively light and the roundness of the walls increases the wall’s stability.

    1. I think the article is measuring thickness wrong, the thickness i.e where the strain is being absorb is the HEIGHT of the building. The force pushing out or in is absorbed or tied in by the circular shape. The circular shape is especially strong inwardly (like an egg. you can’t crush an egg in your hand even if you are pretty strong) so probably the roof is designed to pull down and towards the centre.

  4. Nice to see British Architects Foster and Partners still showing the rest of the world what’s possible.
    And thanks to Apple for giving them the opportunity to do it.

    1. Not downing foster and Partners but Jony Ive lists himself has chief lead on Apple Architectural projects. How much each contributed I don’t know.

      Here is Ive’s Apple official bio:
      “Jony is responsible for all design at Apple, including the look and feel of Apple hardware, user interface, packaging, major architectural projects such as Apple Park and Apple’s retail store”


      Apple Insider
      “Apple this week was awarded a design patent for the cylindrical entrance to its iconic Shanghai retail store— a concept credited in part to late company co-founder Steve Jobs.
      The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday awarded U.S. Design Patent D732,188 S to Apple for a term of 14 years, as discovered by AppleInsider. It includes both Jobs and former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson among its creators.

      Apple was also awarded a utility patent for the glass cylinder entryway by the USPTO back in 2013, but Jobs and Johnson were not listed among the creators in that filing.”


      The architect for the Shanghai store is Bohlin Cywinski Jackson who are also top rate.

      Maybe the the buildings are completely different and Foster take all the credit but for an outsider they look very similar. Apple works in partnership with many companies including Foxconn , Samsung, Japan Display etc. Apple mostly designs the parts and they build them.

      1. Steve Jobs did a lot of architectural stuff himself (besides the cylinder, see above). He also holds partial patent on the glass staircase. the original staircase which cost a bomb was written up extensively in architectural magazines, prototypes were built to withstand earthquakes etc.

        The thing is jobs could do everything and yet get a host of new products out and update his old lineup on time.

  5. Since 2000 Microsoft’s stock is up 56%.
    Apple’s is up 4200%.
    Why? Because of a man that thought everything Apple makes should be the very best that it can be. Even if its a wall.

    1. ‘the very best that it can be”

      so why is the MacPro from 2013 today?

      is that THE BEST?
      the new Mini which got updated AFTER 4 YEARS equipped with 8 Gb RAM beats or matches the 2013 Cylinder with 64 Gb RAM in various tests and crushes it with an eGPU added ( the cylinder with TB2 can’t use an eGPU effectively). The ‘Pro’ bested by ‘entry level” And the Mini according to Ars Technical etc isn’t even the fastest etc entry level PC by a long shot and filled by many compromises due to design ( basically the small enclosure which is unnecessary in a desktop…)

      is SIRI the best?
      the Apple TV REMOTE?
      the lost of the education market? Google got from zero to 70% market share there with chrome Books?

      Apple isn’t ‘doomed;, it’s got hits but we can see issues.
      It’s like when Pixar got sold to Disney, they make more money selling toy cars etc today ( like Apple makes money from expensive SSDs , iCloud subs etc today) but are they straying from ‘the Path’ ?

      space stops me from talking about the stock although i’m a long time investor but it’s instructive to study the growth under jobs second tenure vs cook. look at stock and profit growth. EPS growth today is mainly gained by stock buybacks as profit has frozen for years etc

      my take: Cook is not a dumbo, he just needs to corral his SVPs and focus

    1. You sound like a perpetually peevish child who wants to throw all his toys out of the playpen, just to prove a point.
      Steve Jobs himself put Ive where he is and ensured his remaining at Apple. But goeB knows better.
      You moaners need to get a clue because negativity has never ever produced anything of lasting value.

      1. Steve Jobs is dead a long time.

        People like Ive don’t change?

        Steve Jobs hired Forstall, co creator of OSX and iOS. Cook fired him. How do you explain that ?

        Steve Jobs hired Ron Johnston who created Apple stores with Jobs. Johnston then became CEO of J.C Penny . J.C Penny fired him as the company collapsed.
        Steve Jobs hired Jon Rubinstein, Rubinstein went to become CEO of Palm . Palm went extinct.
        Steve Jobs hired Tony Fadell, father of iPod. Fadell went to work for Google. After underperformance Fadell kicked out of Google.

        Shall I go on?

        Steve Jobs hired a lot of people. Without Jobs lots of them underperformed. that’s simple fact. JOBS WAS THE MASTER OF MOTIVATING PEOPLE.

        I’m not saying all the SVPs at Apple are underperforming or all hires of Cook are bad, but we should see ALL the facts, good or bad like Jobs hiring somebody doesn’t mean he/she works great forever.

        Ive is a genius, I’ve often said, but TODAY is he still really interested in the core things which made Apple great? When has he seriously talked about Mac or even iPad for example. He hardly even talks about the phone. Nowadays he mostly gives interviews on furniture, jewelry, the Watch or Buildings. For me letting Macs stagnate 4-5 years, allowing the Apple Remote to be approved etc, causes concern.

      2. Childish to prove a point is absolute nonsense. This is not about me and you have no clue what my point is, so I will talk really slow. This is about Jony Ive unleashed, unfocused, spending years on pet projects and door knobs while neglecting the Mac Pro and other core Apple products. Jobs would not allow him to get away with this level of neglect for a New York minute, unlike Cook…

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