Bendgate 2: Apple’s new, ultra-thin iPad Pro models may be prone to bending

“Apple’s new 11 and 12.9-inch models are its thinnest yet, measuring in at just 5.9mm, and both forum complaints and a new bend test video suggest the two devices have the potential to bend without a huge amount of force,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“On the MacRumors forum, there have been a few complaints of bending from MacRumors readers,” Clover reports. “Forum member Bwrin1, for example, posted a photo of a bent 12.9-inch iPad Pro suggesting it had bent from just a weekend trip in a backpack.”

“The iPad Pro in question does indeed appear to have a curve to it, refusing to lay flat on a table,” Clover reports. “At the same time, YouTuber JerryRigEverything has posted a bend test video of the new iPad Pro, which indicates it has the potential to bend with a limited amount of force.”

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MacDailyNews Take: While we dream Liquidmetal daydreams, beloved interns: TTK!

Do you have a new iPad Pro? Has it bent, yet? Let us know below.

As always, treat and protect your hardware well!


  1. my new ipad pro 11” is the same thickness as my ‘old’ ipad pro 10.5”. No problems here. Treat your ipad with the respect that it deserves. If youre a wild camper or hard on your stuff, get a heavy duty case. IMHO. cheers, & loving 🥰 my new ipad 11” !

    1. Just the intial process of PACKING it would be dangerous to a $1000 piece of electronics! Sheesh! Think of it as a sheet of glass with a small amount of reinforcement. Treat it well or – radical – leave it at home.

      Also, remember the previous Stupidgate? Many videos showed other phones were no better when sat on than iPhones. My guess is the same applies to tablets.

  2. i abuse my older Ipad Pro 12.9, sometimes carrying in my backpack with a lunchbox (yes i know it’s stupid) and yesterday i accidentally SAT on it on the car seat. Still fine, typing this post on it in a coffee shop. Use it everyday. Just came back using it for property hunting — ie walking around outside in rainy weather in the San Juan Gulf islands. i can’t imagine the new one — which i will be ordering soon — is so much weaker.

    btw other sites like Appleinsider has criticized those bend tests

    1. No, you should only carry your iPhone in your back pocket. This will allow you to personalize your iPhone by imprinting a curve in it that matches the shape of your ass! I see it every day.

  3. I have always wondered how this guy can afford to keep destroying products. Although his tear-down of products is quite interesting, I think his tests are pretty tough for most electronic products to survive. Bending an iPad Pro just to see it be completely destroyed is really gutsy. I wouldn’t dream of trying something like that on any good product.

    1. Posting “I’m gonna destroy (X)”, especially when it’s an Apple (X) is a good way to get views and lots of revenue. Which provides the funds to buy and destroy more products. 🙂

  4. “a new bend test video suggest the two devices have the potential to bend without a huge amount of force”, this is like saying…..

    Wiping your ass with your hand makes your hand prone to smelling like poop….. Really, did we need a test for this. If any idiot can’t figure out that bending your near $1000 device is a bad freakin idea, they need an to purchase an Android.

    1. Because no one would watch or read… and then ask their FRIENDS to watch or read… a video or article about that! The point is NOT to be informative, but to be as entertaining as possible!

  5. When did people start thinking all electronic devices are invulnerable? Stupidgate indeed. I always wrap my iPhones and iPads in a protective cover, and, guess what? No problems! Funny how that works…

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