Why didn’t Apple upgrade the iMac last month?

“During its Oct. 30 product event, Apple launched a slate of new products, including new iPad Pro tablets and long overdue overhauls of its MacBook Air notebook computer and Mac Mini desktop computer,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “However, Apple didn’t upgrade either its iMac or iMac Pro all-in-one desktop computers.”

“It’s clear that the iMac needs an update. The current models ship with Intel 7th Gen Core processors which, frankly, are outdated. The chip giant has been shipping 8th Gen Core desktop processors that’d offer sizable performance jumps over those 7th Gen Core processors for a while,” Eassa writes. “In fact, those processors are found inside of Apple’s freshly announced Mac Mini desktop computers.”

“A little while back, respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with TF International Securities said that a new iMac was coming this year that would incorporate ‘a significant display performance upgrade,'” Eassa writes. “Perhaps producing such displays in volume while meeting Apple’s desired performance requirements is proving more challenging than Apple or its display manufacturing partners had hoped?”

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MacDailyNews Take: A processor-only bump for iMac could still happen via press release at any time. Fingers crossed for those of us in the market for state-of-the-art iMacs!


  1. Why? Because Pipeline’s Apple is stretched thin. It’s impossible that their tens of thousands of employees can update more than the Mac Mini and MacBook Air AND an iMac. Can’t be done.

    Priorities folks. Theirs rings to design, doorknobs to perfect, giant glass walls to move.

    Pipeline has to make other people happy. The customers and shareholders can wait.

    1. This whole iMac/Mac Pro thing is baffling and perplexing.

      Ignoring such iconic and foundational product and disappointing some of the best and most important advocates of of Apple who bring absolute credibilty to Apples prowess as the best computer/productivity pllatform……
      It is absolutly preplexing.

      I hope everyone concerned will go beyond posting here and actually write Apple directly … ( bombard is a more like it … i do it all the time )

      Apple even at the ios level is ignoring power/pro users.
      (Give us ios-pro Apple)

      It seems Apple, very much shortsightedly, is only focused on the mean/average user( +/- 1 standard divination) as their target computing customer. Not price wise but UX wise .
      Apple( i repeat for the 100th time as i have and so many other have too in the past 5-7 years or so ) that may be where the volume is .. but that is not where credibilty and reputation as the best platform stems from….. credibility stems from another group … they are smaller in size yet they create the most buzz and excitement and credibility for Apple as the best productivity/creativity computing platform.
      And ignoring them has exactly the opposite effect.

      They are they Pro/Power users. They are your Image.

      You need to consider them your Ambassadors Apple and treat them with respect and win their confidence by giving them the best.
      It will benefit the brand as a whole and solidify credibilty as the best!
      You need them , imo, more than they need you, specially when fierce competition is there, ready to eat your lunch! (breakfast and dinner too )

      Without Apples reputation as the best computing platform at the highest levels the brand will fade away .. sooner than later !

      I’m a migrant to iMacs in the halo of iPhone revolution… and i must admit, sadly so, that my experience with osx/macos has not been do good. I have stuck to it for the last 8/9 years or so… but cant say I’m thrilled.
      Too many issues, too many idiosyncratic approaches ( list is long and for another topic ) … and hardware wise i always feel/felt I’m behind what pc world offers.
      I don’t mind reasonable premiums as long as i know I’m getting the best.. but not premium for getting less.
      Hardware design wise i must admit.. its a gorgeous design.. yet with stupid ergonomic considerations here and there. Apple/ Johny seem to think that their products should only look good in a vacuum (given their dongle and striped down internals/ io initiative) .
      Apple’s ‘clutter free’ designs are actually ‘clutter scatter’ in practice. Mac Work desks littered with dongles, hubs, and external devices and wires and spare batteries..
      Apple your products don’t exist in a vacuum they must look good in real world practice. ( Esthetics Apple.. isn’t that one of your primary design philosophies and Image considerations?!)

      In a nutshell i felt i was more productive on windows, Not More Secure, .. but more productive… and am very much tempted by the choice the pc world offers.
      But for the time being I’m still staying loyal… lets see where it goes.

  2. Count me as a disappointed Apple products user. Their update cycle is reflects leadership priorities, or lack of ability to focus those tens of thousands of employees. If they do not want to update frequently, then go back to the days when we could easily upgrade the CPU, HD, and RAM in a computer and we’ll do it ourselves. My old 9500 had 3 different CPU’s in it over time – happy to do that again!

  3. NO killer new product for Christmas.

    Not even an iMac update.

    There’s a huge market to go for, you know, the one that Android and even Amazon and Microsoft are dominating. Apple hasn’t given those customers any reason to switch.
    Oh well, eh… it’s only 90% of the market…..

    Pipeline must want us to know what it’s like to take it in the @$$.

    1. 5 year product cycle?

      So, you’re saying we’ll see a new Mac Pro shipping by the second half of December of THIS year? (December 2013 to December 2018 is your stated 5 years.)

      Wow. That will be fantastic.


  4. I am pleased, very very pleased, to see the readership here posting and b!tchslapping Pipeline left and right.

    No one deserves it more than Pipeline.

    Pipeline shows nothing but contempt for Apple customers.

    Customers should show nothing but contempt for Pipeline.

  5. Quote from Tim Cook

    “The products that are in R&D, there is quite a bit of investment in there for products and services that are not currently shipping or derivations of what is currently shipping. So I don’t want to talk about the exact split of it, but you can look at the growth rate and conclude that there’s a lot of stuff that we’re doing beyond the current products.”

    Apple’s reluctance to spend a ton on R&D goes all the way back to founder Steve Jobs. “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have,” he said in 1998.

    Apple lags behind Microsoft, Facebook, Google and others in terms of R & D as a percentage of revenue. But it’s not like they are sitting around.

    1. “Having the bucks” is something I’ve had since 2016 waiting for Apple to make a Mac Pro I wanted to buy and not that dead-in-the-water 2013 trash can abomination & POS.

      All they’ve done is force me to have a $10,000 order in place for a powerful and infinitely upgradeable PC Workstation at Puget Systems until I see what the 2019 Mac Pro is like. (And I’m not the only one of my pro industry friends in a the same situation. (Pros do talk to other pros and we are all disgusted with Apple and their misguided “can’t innovate correctly” tech approaches.)

      Based on what I see next year will determine which order I will make. But my patience is at an end.

      1. You aren’t the only one of the pro people you don’t know, either. A lot of us are out of patience. Can’t make stuff for iOS without a Mac, Apple. Somehow, when they were a fraction of their current size, they managed to update their entire line fo products with regularity. I don’t know what gives these days.

  6. I normally only post here about technical/professional/business issues, but the current state of the Mac non-development has even seeped into my home. Just last week my wife asked me what she’s going to do when Apple stops making Macs. That was a bit of a shocker as she’s always assumed since the early 90s that she’d get a new Mac (currently the latest maxed out iMac) every 3 – 4 years. She really does not need any bleeding edge stuff but her photography work needs relatively up to date hardware & software.

    She’s now thinking maybe one more generation of Mac and then having to jump ship to Windows or Linux. A scary thought for her as she’s 99.9% Mac oriented.

    Why do I bring this up? For the simple fact that someone who has been dedicated to Macs for the past 25+ years — but is not tracking the day-to-day or even month-to-month nuances of Mac production — is now questioning if Macs will continue and wondering about having to jump to another platform, then what does that say about the world of Mac users in general?

  7. The problem for Apple is they have ruined the confidence Pro and desktop users used to have that we would see regular product updates that ensured a reasonable planning horizon for businesses, application developers and others with long term investments in the platform.

    If you no longer have confidence in the platform, you might just as well get the cheapest random box that gives you most performance at any given time, and combine it with a free operating system that everyone knows is not going to go away and day soon.

  8. Can do a simple order change and start inserting better processors, but can waste billions on a self driving car.

    If Apple treats the car like simple macs , I don’t want to be in one.

    Great job Pipeline, you idiot.

  9. They can’t update anything but the iPhone in a timely manner, but they have somehow managed to already update the graphics card choices in the just released MacBook Pro that I paid way too much for. It really pisses me off!

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