Is Apple’s new iPad Pro Smart Folio Cover worth $99?

“If you buy a new iPad on launch day, and you want a cover or case, you’ll probably have to buy one from Apple. The first-party covers are great, but the prices are absurd,” Charlie Sorrel writes for Cult of Mac. “After using a Smart Cover on my old 1st-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro for a few years, I swore to myself that I’d wait it out this time, until good third-party cases went on sale, instead of wasting cash on a Smart Folio Cover.”

“But, after just a couple of hours with the new iPad Pro, I realized there was no way to carry it in my bag without a case. So I put it back in its box, walked to the Apple Store, and gave Apple another 120 euros (or $136 at current exchange rates),” Sorrel writes. “Was it worth it?”

“If $99 is no problem for you to spend on a sheet of plastic with some magnets, then sure, this is a great case. It fits perfectly, offers some nice functionality, and looks great (as long as you like black or white). But even in the realms of Apple accessory pricing, this is steep,” Sorrel writes. “Perhaps the best way to sum it up is like this. I choked as I handed over my cash. But after I got the case on the iPad, I didn’t regret my outlandish purchase.”

Apple's $99 Smart Folio for 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd Generation) in Charcoal Gray (also comes in White)
Apple’s $99 Smart Folio for 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd Generation) in Charcoal Gray (also comes in White)

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s a quality case, so the answer to the headline is itself a question: “How much is $99 to you?” Of course the answer will be different for many, but not to Apples detriment for many iPad Pro customers. (If you can afford an iPad Pro, you can likely afford a $99 genuine Apple case to protect it, too. And, yes, for what it is, it should have been $79 tops, but if Apple can get their asking price, one thing’s for sure: As they have for over 40 years now, Apple will ask it.


  1. Why no smart cover? It’s the most elegant solution, and very Apple. The back cover on the folio just adds bulk, significant weight (for those of us who like to read), and awkwardness. Antoine de Saint Exupéry, where are you? Were these iPads rushed to market and Apple just couldn’t make the magnets work? Sigh.

  2. I bought the ESR yippee tri fold from amazon for 18.99 for my 12.9’

    It’s way better than I expected.

    I had to get something. This iPad is slippery as a greased pig to hold.

    1. I have ESR folio cases on both my iPad and my wife’s. Both are 9.7 inch size, both cases together were only about $30 from Amazon.

      Quality cases, good and grippy, light weight, I couldn’t imagine paying $99 for Apple’s equivalent.

  3. Bought the Apple case for my iPhone X when I got it last November. The silicon is peeling off and the plastic is cracking. It was $35 as I recall. Would I pay $99 for an iPad case after that? No way.

    In other news, the Logitech keyboard/case I bought for my original iPad Pro 12″ is still going strong.

    1. I had a similar bad experience with Apple cables. Thin, fragile fraying and ridiculously priced to replace. Bought a third party sturdy cable for a third of what Apple charges at Walmart. Went back and bought more for my SUV and relatives. The last post on MDN questioning high prices was the XR phone case on launch date, not available for purchase, at $49. Competitor cases were available at launch for $18. I would pay the Apple tax if those products were far superior which they are NOT. Cheaply made and overpriced.$50 for the Smart Cover seems about right. Hopefully consumers will shop, compare and not waste good money on high priced Apple just because they a logo on the box. Those days of assurance are long gone…

  4. Just got mine today, and bleh. Was used to my leather smart case by Apple for last years iPad Pro. I guess I’m fortunate enough to no longer be too price sensitive. As soon as a nicer leather version is offered I’ll buy that “overpriced” option too.

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