Connect any hard drive to an iPad Pro

“Say you have a hard drive, a one terabyte hard drive, like I have right here, and you have an iPad,” Jerad Hill writes for State of Tech. “Maybe it’s the new iPad pro, 2018, 11 inch, or maybe it’s the previous year iPad, and you don’t wanna spend all of that money to get that external storage.”

“You already have a hard drive. We already know that we can’t plug this hard drive directly into an iPad,” Hill writes. “What do you do? Well, you use this cool device from RAVPower, to connect and then get access to all of that storage and more.”

“I picked this one up on Amazon for 65 dollars,” Hill writes. “What this device allows you to do, is connect a variety of things to your iPad. It’s great. Now we can connect any hard drives that we have to our iPad, so that we can copy over video content, copy over photo’s, whatever it is, stream stuff straight off of our hard drive. It’s amazing.”

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MacDailyNews Note: RAVPower FileHubs are available via Amazon for $50.99 and under here.

Via Apple’s App Store, the RAVPower FileHub Plus app is here and the RAVPower FileHub app is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Yeah having paid lots of money for your super powerful iPad you pay even more beyond a pen and a keyboard to be able to do what after all you should be able to do out of the box anyway. Yep I’m convinced Mr Cook. I am beginning to hate that supercilious little cretin with more faces than Mt Rushmore.

  2. Spy, I am more relaxed about Mr. Cookie, but …

    The article left out any discussion of what security researchers have to say about the RAV file hub app.

    I am more concerned about data security than what a CEO does (which is heavily scripted under all conditions.)

  3. The problem with these type of devices are that u need their own proprietary app to interact with the drives and files.
    One can not interact with the files on these drives directly from different iOS Apps…lets say Filmic for editing or Affinity for photos or garageband.. etc..etc..etc

    One has to first copy files from the external device to ipads internal hard drive and to standard folders in photos, video, etc using the proprietary apps that come with the drives .. then launch the desired app on ipad/ios and access these files on iOS’ internal drive and folders…
    No direct interactivity with the external drives! which is a huge handicap.
    Same holdes true for copying files to the external drives.

    I can see these good for backup or archiving… but not interactively working with files.

    As for Gargaeband/etc and and audio files.. it is even more complicated and convoluted and idiosyncratic.
    There is no native/ local ios music/audio folder available to the user. ( only on ifiles in the cloud)

    To work access/manage audio files .. one needs to export to itunes on mac/pc.

    ….And even more ridiculous!!!…..If i make a piece of music on grageband ios and choose to add it to my music liberary … i cant do it directly just using an ios device!
    I have to use export to itunes and then connect to a desktop itunes….transfer the file to itunes and add it to my liberary there. ..then Resync with ios to have my own created songs in my music library on ios..
    It is painfully stupid and convoluted.
    Premium product .. premium prices.. and the above is ok ????

    Ios file / assett managment and lack of external device IO are basically HUGE handicaps for pro/power useres who need flexibilty in storing/ organizing/ naming/accessing and interacting with their local files …

    It is my belief that this is, for the most part, intentionly done by Apple to push people in their ifiles cloud storage subscription service…. Since they imposed less limitatins there.
    But what Apple does not seem to realize or respect is: what if i dont have connection, reception? ……or even if i do, interacting with large files at cloud speeds is an absolute pain and impractical.
    Cloud is good for accessing files from different devices if one must. … not so good for interacting with files from the same device where local storage and file sys and IO for external local storage are key.

    Its a shame Apple chose to handicap their iOS in such sever manner.. to push people to a very compromised, yet so called solution : the cloud based ifiles.

    And this is even more of a glaring issue with this new masterpieces of iPads they just released and yet cut their hands off through the iOS file management limitation and IO ! It is a crime…Imo

    Apple needs to implement a comprehensive core ios assert management system with consistant core UI accessible from All Apps for All kinds of files .. ( not this chaotic convoluted app-centric file managment, each in its own universe) and allow usb c connectivity to External drives. ..

    The following are links to some other similar external devices as mentioned in this article.. all with same limitations i described above.
    The last link is a bit longer and a slower presentation.. but it gives an insight to how convoluted and idiosyncratic things are with iOS..
    Either by design or incompetence or both .

    I pray Apple listens and changes these limitations… I’m not holding my though.. since service subscription revenues are key to their strategy now. (And i have been bombarding them re this issue for a good 4-5 years now , and im sure many others have as well )

    Yet….even from financial perspective, these issues may turn around and bite them in the butt…. they may lose more revenue by discouraging more buyers through these stupid limitations than they may earn through the cloud storage subscriptions..
    I’m sure they must have weighed the pros and con? … or maybe not… ? ?
    I certainly hate it.
    Apple, i need cloud for centralizing my files to access from different devices.
    Apple i need local file sys and IO for flexibly organizing and interacting with my local files.
    They are not and don’t have to be mutually exclusive!

  4. Yeah. I tend to agree with the other article that said iPad Pro: pro hardware. Amateur software (on Apple’s part, not developers). Apple has serious blinders on. If I just need to work with Photoshop… or just Sketch Pro, all is well. But lord help me if I need to transfer the files form one app to another and back again.

  5. Misleading headline makes it sound like it’s plug and play.

    Hey Apple: plug and play! Can’t believe I have to tell you to take a page from Microsoft’s playbook.

    The best we can hope for is that Apple will actually pay attention to all ALL the criticism and negative comments which are all saying pretty much the same thing about iPad Pros: Pro hardware with an amateur and restrictive operating system. At the end of the day they are still just iPads.

  6. Followed your link to this, read details in the description, discovered it is limited to a max 1TB hard drive and won’t work with a Mac formatted drive. Leaves me out on two counts.

  7. I recently received an iPad 9.7 (not Pro) and I’ve basically learned how to turn it on… LOL… I have a couple of 2TB external drives filled with movies, etc. Not sure what the difference between the 9.7 and the Pro (except price) … Will this RAV allow me to connect to the 2TB hard drives? Thanks.

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