Dow surges 500 points after President Trump signals bipartisan cooperation

“U.S. stocks rose broadly on Wednesday after the midterm election results came in about as expected, lifting a cloud of uncertainty that was weighing on the market,” Fred Imbert and Michael Sheetz report for CNBC. “The major averages hit their session highs after President Donald Trump indicated he is willing to work with Democrats on policy initiatives that would help the economy keep growing.”

“The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 514 points,” Imbert and Michael Sheetz report. “The S&P 500 gained 2 percent as the health care, tech and consumer discretionary sectors all rallied more than 2.5 percent. The Nasdaq Composite rose 2.4 percent.”

“‘Hopefully we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the American people, including on economic growth, infrastructure, trade, lowering the cost of prescription drugs,’ Trump said in a news conference. ‘The Democrats will come to us with a plan for infrastructure, a plan for healthcare, a plan for whatever they’re looking at and we’ll negotiate,'” Imbert and Michael Sheetz report. “Tech shares rose, as a divided Congress could also keep Trump from seriously going after giants like Amazon for being too big and influential on the economy… But trade remains one area where Trump still has most control as tariffs are on foreign goods are implemented through the executive branch.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple has had a good day so far, up over 2.5% and within $7 billion of regaining a $1 trillion market value.

Wall Street set to rise as investors take split Congress in stride – November 7, 2018


      1. That might make sense if the market had not jumped upon the election of Trump and a Republican congress in 2016 and the continued to rise while they enacted their economic reforms.

        1. Dont bother …Some Libs/dems dont have a clue what ‘SENSE’ means..
          They are just lost/blind/ fanatics!

          Today was a good day towards bringing some unity back..
          But look at how some morons are reacting, not just out there but right here on this thread!
          Its pathetic and sad !

    1. Actually there was a Blue Wave.

      Dems flipped 7 Governorships from the GOP. They flipped 29 House seats- and counting least a dozen more could be added when all the votes are counted. Maybe another when Duncan Hunter goes to jail.

      In the Senate, 46,080,760 people voted for Democrats (56.9%) versus 33,566,241 votes for Republicans (41.5%). The problem is North Dakota’s 750,00 people get two Senators just like California with almost 40 million people. Los Angles County has about 10 million people- more than 41 states, to make a point.

      Florida is not settled and neither is the Georgia Governor’s race.

      Most importantly, the House controls taxation and spending. Trump will never get the money for his stupid wall. Congress can appropriate funds and stipulate exactly how they can and cannot be spent. Expect to see that in the Homeland Security budget- no wall for you, Trump.

      Then there is the whole Investigations thing. Nunes is a back bencher come January.

        1. There is a valid point — the gerrymandering of districts and state lines has historically been an embarrassment to the notion of equal representation.

          A pragmatic nation would long ago have refined its election systems so each state used the same technology and the same nonpartisan mathematical formula to draw its election districts.

          To ensure the House of Lords, ahem, — Senate — isn’t a sham of miniscule states pushing even more extremely outsized representation than ever before, the US should incentivize the unification of low population states and territories Keep the same number of stars on the flags, just unite the Dakotas and allow Puerto Ricans to vote for full statehood already.

          Puerto Rico 2010 census: 3,725,789
          North Dakota 2017 est: 755,000
          South Dakota 2017 est: 869,000

          Dakota united: 1,624,000 — still less than half the size of Puerto Rico, which Trump treats like a foreign nation despite it being ethnically 75% caucasian (according to Wikipedia). In 2012, a referendum showed that 54% of Puerto Ricans wanted full statehood — the US republican led congress refused to bring it to a vote. The Trump administration has made it abundantly clear that it wants to retain Puerto Rico as a territory so its labor and resources can be exploited for corporate and military means, but he certainly doesn’t want any spanish speaking people to have the right to vote in US national elections.

          In 2017, Hurricane Maria bared for everyone to see how unworkable the quasi-state status is. Over 200,000 Puerto Ricans had no choice but to abandon their destroyed homes, most moved permanently (and legally) to Florida. What a pathetic way to govern a territory of the USA.

          1. But dey doant talk ‘merican now, duz dey?!

            Here’s the really funny part… We don’t have a formal, legally binding language. What happens if we get one? Might it be… horale!?

      1. No “blue wave” as already reported in the AP, NYT and many others media outlets. Yes, the Dems picked up some governor seats and three dozen House seats. But as typical with the LEFT that is highly selective of only presenting facts that are designed to make their side look good, they rarely look at the big total picture.

        Fact is, since 2008 thanks to President Obama the Democrats at the national and state levels have LOST over 1,200 seats. Pickup of 42 Tuesday is positive for them, but they have a long way to go.

        Also conspicuously absent in your selective facts post is only three times in 100 years the party that controlled the White House gained seats in midterm elections. Add that one to Trump’s FINE resume. So, both sides can claim victory although it skews in the president’s favor… 👍🏻

        1. Pot, meet kettle.

          Fact is, since 2010 McConnell has ensured that nothing has gotten done in congress other than corporate tax giveaways. From 2010 through 2016, Congress did absolutely nothing but undermine anything Obama requested — as publicly declared by crooked McConnell.

          Ironically, McConnell has also done everything possible to block Trump’s insane policies too. Of course Goeb is blind to this reality. Nobody likes or trusts Trump. All Trump represents is a distraction that allows the republican establishment to conduct their smoky backroom deals without any oversight.

        1. Unfortunately, there was another mass shooting last night, so that sentiment of no violence may be a bit premature.

          This AM’s news: 12 dead in Thousand Oaks, CA by what appears to be yet another “lone wolf” (and probably white male?) gunman. Political affiliation, motives, etc…all are currently unknown.

        2. No, just the Nationalist holding a vitriolic “press conference” and humiliating allies (defeated congress persons) and opponents alike full of assertions even more ridiculous than usual.

          Whatev’. It’s not only what he does, he also keeps turning up the surreal meter. But the one thing they weren’t responding to, MDN, were any signals of “bipartisan cooperation.”

          1. “The major averages hit their session highs after President Donald Trump indicated he is willing to work with Democrats on policy initiatives that would help the economy keep growing.”

            What were you watching or reading — The Twilight Zone? Sounds completely “bipartisan” to me…

            1. Go chase the squirrel, Goeb. Follow the trail of red meat Trump lays down. Nothing else matters.

              If this the attention span of a “true conservative”, then i would be proud to be excluded from the disgusting cult. Trump isn’t conservative. He is a clueless egotistical brat with no ability to get basic facts correct. His so-called press conference was littered with so many lies and half-truths, it is a national disgrace. Independents like me distanced ourselves from that carnival barker a long time ago. Mainstream republicans like Romney have called Trump out for what he is — so there are still conservatives with principles. Sadly, people like Goeb refuse to acknowledge how bad a persona and leader Trump is. Lifetime Trumpanzee cult member apparently….

            2. No Mike, when it comes to politics you are full of hate for one side and totally blind to the folly of your side. Stop wasting my time with stereotypes, cliches and opinion. President Trump has exceeded my expectations as a first time politician which is truly remarkable. The economic numbers bear this out and since you can’t change government statistics you close your mind and and constantly feed us sideshow bullsh*t. President does not receive the proper credit he richly deserves because of partisan nitwits like you, your blind buddies and the fake liberal media…

            3. no Gopeb, I am full of awareness that you are so far up Trump’s ass that you don’t know if it’s day or night.

              The only “side” i disdain is the liar-in-chief. Trump isn’t a republican, he’s a distraction. Both corrupt political parties represent themselves and their rich campaign funders. Not citizens.

              The only thing remarkable about Trump is the fact that you believe his shtick.

              It seems you parrot Trump’s 1984ish mission to discredit all information that doesn’t come out of his pie hole. “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

              It will be interesting to see how you spin the truth when Mueller outs the corruption of the Trump organization. That’s not partisan. That’s called justice.

            4. I REPEAT: “No Mike, when it comes to politics you are full of hate for one side and totally blind to the folly of your side.”

              You are also the biggest HYPOCRITE around here with your constant personal attacks and have the nerve to admonish and lecture others for what you do routinely. Go ahead and try too deny it. BTW, my lovely nose is on my face where it belongs. Grow up childish little man…

      1. @theloniusmac
        And you are proof that you and the team Trump…
        1. Have zero sense of humour.
        2. Live in an irony_desert™️ given that for 4 years we’ve heard nothing but “lock her up” chants from the peanut gallery of blind supporters.
        3. Are scared of the future now that some ‘balance’ has been restored to previously unchecked ambitions and actions.
        4 Seem bizarrely unaware that it’s not the job of the opposition to kowtow to the opposition or help dig them out of a hole.
        5..Seem to think that ‘peace’ is somehow the ‘duty’ of democrats now that the bellicose one has destroyed his own built in vote advantage and enabled further opposition indignities by his constant bombardment of insults, lies and refusal to meet anyone ‘halfway’.
        and 6. Seem totally dedicated to using derogatory language yourself that says you have no intention of taking any of the responsibility for ‘peace’.
        So, dumb expectations or what?

        1. Sounds like irrational HATE for good conservatives and Republicans that have been successful all their lives. You hold it in check pretty well but it eventually comes out. I don’t hate liberals or Democrats and proud to have voted for two local Democrats on Tuesday, both WON.

          All total voted for three Republicans, one independent and two Democrats. Yes folks, hard to believe, but I have voted for members of ALL parties for decades. Somehow I can never imagine you doing that DG, but I could be wrong.

          Let’s see Hillary broke multiple federal laws and she was cleared and protected by a corrupt justice department. That’s OK with you? Shameful! Justice should be blind and equal justice for ALL and NOT according to the party in power.

          Now that the anemic politically connected A.G. resigned yesterday we can ONLY expect a powerful prosecutor to step in and administer justice for all…

          1. It is completely rational for a conservative to object to the BS fact-free stuff that Trump says and does. He is undermining the health of the USA in the long term. Deep down, you know it’s true.

          2. You drug Hillary, who I did not vote for and who was not on the ballot in to the discussion while pointing a finger at others over intolerance.
            I have voted for Republicans and might again someday, but not the current crop of radicals.

            The GOP has been at war with itself for a couple of generations now and each successive wave becomes more dysfunctional. I can vote for a candidate that I generally disagree with if I think they are reasonable and willing to compromise for the common good. I do not see many of them in the GOP these days where scorched earth politics rules the day.

            1. DG, both parties have been at war with themselves since the 1950s. Both have extremes, moderates and conservatives. I will give credit to the Democrats for hiding it better than the Republicans. But then again, the Democrat media blows it out of proportion on the right and when the shoe is on the other foot, simply ignore and do not report the story…

            2. Goeb, the two corrupt parties haven’t been at war. They are just entertainment fronts for the corporate executives that love to rile up the sheeple. They know that they have to propagate their game, dividing the nation more or less 50% and creating lots of friction and press wherever possible. It is not not the parties who are fighting, but the brainless hangers-on, the low information citizens whipped into hyper partisan frenzy, that take the entertainment spin and act on it. If you had your head in the real world, you would see that both parties are playing you for a fool. Both are fiscally irresponsible. Both lie to the lower classes. Both roll out enthusiastic patriotic overtones while underfunding simple decent things like veteran care. Both feed their overlapping bases with promises of government benefits while doing nothing to modernize the government to deliver those services in a world class manner. Both parties serve multinational corporations while ignoring the citizens they claim to represent.

              The one difference between those parties is that one spends more (republicans) and hides behind a “leader” (Trump) that lies more than any prior president. That is unacceptable.

              The time for a third party has come. A socially moderate, fiscally responsible, HONEST, and DECENT party that respects the voter, government modernization, and increased global cooperation in trade and peacekeeping. America cannot isolate itself and it cannot go it alone. Trump lies to you insisting America can. It will end in disaster and, thanks to Trump, at least $1.5 Trillion more in debt. That’s the highway to ruin. America needs to turn the corner and get itself unmired from bipolar destructive politics such as the kind Goeb and Friends practice. Divided, America falls.

  1. Trump is a POS.

    During the postelection press conference, Trump went out of his way to insult losing republicans. When he wasn’t verbally abusing reporters with his unending insistence that basically means Herr Trump, and ONLY Herr Trump, can manage the Information Ministry, and that under no uncertain terms, the press should agree with Trump’s uninformed view that unarmed refugees should be referred to as an “invasion”.

    Then he declared that if the House democrats issue subpoenas to see his tax returns (which he promised to release during the campaign), then his lapdog republicans would retaliate.
    “They can play that game, but we can play it better,” Trump said. “If that happens, then we’re going to do the same thing and government would come to a halt and we’re going to blame them.”

    He didn’t answer any questions about kicking Jeffery Beauregard Sessions to the kerb.

    Trump praised Pelosi.

    The republican party refused to answer at all the blatant conflict of interest of the Georgia election or the years of gerrymandering.

    Despite Trump thinking all voting is all about him, several states showed plenty of liberal inroads in the form of initiatives. Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah expanded their Medicaid programs, with the Montana vote yet to be announced.

    Despite Trump’s longstanding misogynist and racist views, many women and minorities were winners from both parties as Trump continues to focus all his attention riling up his base: older, low education white males. Women ran and won from coast to coast. Two new Native American women will join the House. Veronica Escobar and Sylvia Garcia became the first latinas to represent Texas. Marsha Blackburn is the first female senator from Tennessee. According to VoteCast polling, 60% of respondents said Trump was taking the country in the wrong direction, especially on the issues of healthcare and immigration.

    While many well funded dumbocrats lost to incumbents, Trump’s claims of “Big Victory” are bologna. The xenophbic rhetoric that Trump deployed was not useful in electing Trumpanzee Kobach governor of formerly extreme red Kansas.

    Trump has a 40% approval rating because he acts like he cares about only that part of America — the underworked undereducated losers who can’t compete in a global economy and need a big strong autocrat to protect them against competition, invasion, or whatever other bogeymen Trump concocts on the stump speeches.

    Anti-Trump candidates won governorships left and right; left leanding candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren won easily. Formerly red Ohio reelected Sherrod Brown to the senate.

    America took one step back from authoritarian one-party rule. It needs to elect third parties and fix its election system so that it can prevent ignorant bullies from finding themselves elected president.

          1. Speaking of reality….

            Phone records show that Donny Junior took a call when meeting with Russians in Trump Tower. Those in search would support an investigation to confirm who he relayed info to. Goeb, always the Trump lackey, insists the public shouldn’t know the truth.

            Trump has demonstrated inconsistencies and incompetence worse than any president in perhaps all of US history. How do people like Goeb become so infatuated with belligerent egotistical liar? Simple: Goeb must be disconnected from reality. Despite all evidence that disproves 90% Trump’s endless stream of brags absolutist claims and insults, the tough guy act soothes the low information voter. People who cannot make sense of complexity love it when an autocrat pounds his little hands on the podium and yells at reporters and insists that he alone can save a nation that was great in 1900 but suddenly lost its way when immigrants showed up. Goeb, read the fact checkers and rejoin reality.

    1. Man you are Pathetic..
      Disturbing to read your fanatical, prejudiced, discriminative, insulting, condescending, twisted Bigotry .

      Sad to see the likes of you still stampeding towards the cliff…( division .. the biggest issue and threat to this country )..rather than embrace a positive day which potentially could lead towards unity and bipartisan cooperation ….and progress!

      Yet your kind have to still spew out hate and promote division through deluded comments.

      You and alike are going to popularize the saying :
      ‘ Once a Lib always a Jerk ‘
      But it does not need to be that way..

      Get a life .. and grow up!
      Focus on peace rather than your fanatical hate!

  2. If you believe this you believe that Santa will head the Justice Department. Trump can’t cooperate with anyone. This is the same Wallstreet that punished AAPL for a record quarter and the type of diversification that guarantees this will continue.

  3. After the millisecond of Trump’s bipartisan cooperation signaling, the usual pointless partisan bullshit returned, and today the S&P500 closed at 2,781.01, off its 52 week high of 2940.91.

    Some rally….

    While everyone hopes that sane heads prevail and the threats of unilateral trade meddling are replaced with broad win-win multilateral trade agreements which will keep the economy on a positive path, everyone seems to be holding their breath. Strangely however it is reassuring that Trump is no longer taking personal credit for stock market movements. He probably will as the annual holiday consumer sales bump occurs, but he’s got a lot of explaining to do when entire industries report gloomy full year results and the first real trade war effects start showing up in 2019. Won’t that be fun. Prepare your Trump worshiping spin now Goeb.

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