Already in love with Apple’s new compact 12.9-inch iPad Pro

“I wrote earlier that I was hoping the 2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro was going to prove to be, as Apple claimed, ‘the ultimate iPad,'” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “All the joy of that huge screen in a form factor which didn’t prove too great a compromise when it came to comfort and portability.”

“I’ve literally only had it for a few hours, but my impressions so far can be summed up in one word: ‘Wow,'” Lovejoy reports. “It looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s true that Apple’s description of it as ‘all screen’ is hyperbole: there’s still a significant amount of bezel remaining – which is necessary both to be able to hold it comfortably, and to allow room for the Face ID camera system et al without the need for a notch. But, honestly, ‘all screen’ doesn’t seem like too ridiculous an exaggeration. It really does feel pretty close to that.”

“I was worried that it might feel noticeably heavier in the hands than my 10.5-inch model, and yet – despite being 40% heavier – it really doesn’t. If I had to judge subjectively, I would have guessed something closer to 20%,” Lovejoy reports. “In short, I feel the same way about this display I did about the original one: I absolutely adore it. But this time I don’t feel I’m having to compromise on size or weight.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now that all of the extraneous bezel and Home button cruft has bee dispatched with, the 12.9-inch iPad really is the ultimate iPad!


  1. I was impressed with how much smaller the 12.9 inch iPad Pro was at The Grove Apple Store last week. It suddenly puts it into contention for my next iPad. Unfortunately my iPad Pro 10.5″ iPad is still running GREAT and probably will for a couple more years for what I use it for. My next investments will probably be a Mac Mini and 2019 Mac Pro – should it prove worthy.

  2. I cant wait to get mine…and the pencil….

    I have rarely been this excited about an Apple Product in the past few years… (excluding the watch, specially series 4 which i absolutely love )

  3. Many people love the new iPad Pro but almost everyone says it’s too expensive and doesn’t take the place of a laptop computer. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but iPad sales aren’t enough to boost Apple’s bottom line. If schools won’t buy iPad Pros then all that’s left is the enterprise and I’m willing to bet most employees would rather have some laptop computer with a keyboard and desktop OS and some sort of USB-C port. Apple never listens to anyone so that’s why the iPad Pro, no matter how good it is, falls into some sort of computer market limbo.

    I think the iPad Pro is an awesome device but if Apple can’t market it well enough, then it just becomes an expensive novelty for the company and get no respect at all as an Apple product. I’ll bet there are still people calling the iPad Pro a toy because it runs iOS. It’s really sickening how the iPad Pro is automatically considered less of a computer than a Microsoft Surface Pro. Is there really not much of a market for a device as powerful as the iPad Pro?

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