Apple Watch Series 4 gets 7 new complications in watchOS 5.1.1

“watchOS 5.1.1 was pushed out [yesterday] following a spate of bricked Watches last week for some devices updating to watchOS 5.1,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “However, it looks like this update has also tipped the hat on a few upcoming goodies for Series 4 owners.”

“With iOS 12.1.1 and watchOS 5.1.1 installed, you can see seven new complications appear in the watch face gallery app for the Infograph and Infograph Modular faces: Home, Mail, Maps, Messages, News, Phone, and Remote,” Mayo reports. “These complications are selectable in the companion Watch app but unfortunately do not show up on the actual watch as functioning complications just yet; they render as blank zones.”

“The best theory as to why this has happened is that these complications were intended to be new features in the next Watch update, which should currently be in developer beta,” Mayo reports. “However, the bricking issue has caused Apple to rush out this version and seemingly forgot to strip out some of the unfinished features.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tim Cook’s sloppy Apple. Sigh.

Nearly every single time we’ve criticized Apple, it is due to lack of attention to detail. With Steve gone, it’s obvious that attention to detail has gone by the wayside in many areas.MacDailyNews, October 31, 2018


  1. Another fine example of how miserable Pipeline’s Apple is.

    Attention to quality? Nope.

    Attention to user experience? Nope.

    Well designed software, exuding elegance? Hell no.

    It’s just embarrassing how miserable a leader Pipeline is.

  2. I would imagine that fixing the bricking was super urgent, and the time involved to modify or remove the complications code was left in simply to speed out a resolution for customers with bricked Watches. The incomplete new complications is certainly not a big deal. If anything, it’s nice peek at some upcoming improvements.

  3. Don’t care, if they don’t do anything and the only person to actually find it is this guy. They’ll work when 5.2 comes out probably in a couple weeks now. Way too much emphasis is placed on things that are a big yawner , now if something was actually broke, and the watch crashed… that’s different.

  4. I don’t believe there is anything sloppy here. Getting the fix out quickly was of paramount concern and no harm is done by leaving in the complications code. Stability of the fix was very important and if you start messing with other code the chance for problems increases and the testing schedule gets longer.

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