Apple’s iPad is outselling every laptop on the market

“CEO Tim Cook said at an event in New York on Tuesday that Apple has now sold more than 400 million iPads since the product’s introduction in 2010,” Jordan Novet reports for CNBC.

“He displayed a chart showing that Apple sold 44.2 million iPads in the past four quarters,” Novet reports, “topping notebook sales from HP, Lenovo, Dell and a handful of the other top computer makers. ‘What you might not know is we’ve sold more iPads in the last year than the entire notebook lineup of all of the biggest notebook manufacturers,’ Cook said at the event, which was focused on a refresh of the iPad.”

“Apple sold 18.3 million Macs in the past four quarters, placing its own computer brand in the middle of the chart, had it been included,” Novet reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Not just a big iPhone.


    1. It was projected that there would be about 12 million Chromebooks sold in 2018 and most Chromebooks are far cheaper than the average iPad. However, Chromebooks are considered as computers and iPads are not. iPads are still considered as toys with not much of a future. iPads are seen as devices for content consumption but no creative abilities. Supposedly, iPads are considered much lower in rank than a Microsoft Surface because a Surface runs Windows OS.

      It’s practically guaranteed Wall Street still believes the iPad is a failed product with little chance of sales growth. I don’t think Apple knows how to change that view. Most of the schools are buying Chromebooks and not iPads, so that’s seen as a huge failure on Apple’s part.

      1. How the hell is a Chromebook deemed a computer when an iPad is not. It may mimic the computer paradigm more than an iPad but that’s about it, the industry really does likes to protect its own doesn’t it or at least those that feed it rather than want to change it.

  1. That’s just unit sales – I bet total revenue is even higher – most of those PC laptops are very low-priced ones – who cares if the growth rate is slowing or the upgrade cycle is stretching some with a revenue stream like that!

    1. Who cares if the growth rate is slowing for iPads? Wall Street cares and it causes Apple’s P/E not to grow. Microsoft has a P/E of 50 compared to Apple’s P/E of 19 or 20. Any Apple product that shows slowed growth is instantly going to cause Apple’s P/E to compress. Unit growth is still a stronger metric than increased revenue in Wall Street’s eyes.

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