Apple’s new iPad Pro aims to keep and boost enterprise momentum

“Apple’s iPad Pro launch in Brooklyn is about providing a refresh for fans of the tablet as well as the Mac, but there is a bigger picture worth noting,” Larry Dignan writes for ZDNet. “Apple needs an updated iPad Pro to drive enterprise adoption and ensure its iOS ecosystem continues to be the go-to mobile platform for business.”

“Sure, the iPad Pro is likely to have more screen and less bezel. There will also be options for keyboards and multi-tasking will be easier,” Dignan writes. “However, the importance of the iPad Pro refresh launch isn’t necessarily about some big-bang upgrade cycle. The iPad Pro — a quasi laptop experience for some — is about keeping enterprises interested in the ecosystem.”

“The iPad Pro launch fits the bill,” Dignan writes. “If anything the new iPad Pro is likely to keep the enterprise ecosystem flywheel rolling.”

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MacDailyNews Take: These iPad Pros are going to be the biggest product upgrade Apple’s offered since the iPhone X. Also, the differentiation between the entry-level iPad and the iPad Pro will again be stark, obvious, and apparent to all which will drive up iPad’s ASP.

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