Apple registration filing Eurasia reveals four new Macs

“Apple has registered new Macs with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) this week, indicating that new models and refreshes could be just around the corner,” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors. “The filings, discovered by MySmartPrice and French website Consomac, are legally required for any devices with encryption sold in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. ”

“Some of the numbers refer to existing models that are being updated in the registry to merely indicate they come with the latest macOS Mojave operating system,” Hardwick reports, “but four of the numbers currently don’t have counterparts in Apple’s Mac lineup.”

“Apple is expected to to introduce a new entry-level 13-inch MacBook at its October 30 event in New York City. The more affordable Mac would serve as a replacement for the MacBook Air, and while details have been scant about the rumored machine, it could turn out to belong to the 12-inch MacBook family,” Hardwick reports. “The Mac mini, which has not been updated for more than 1,400 days, is also expected to be refreshed this month, for the first time since 2014… Apple’s iMac range is also due at least a refresh, with current models on sale having not been updated in the last 505 days.”

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MacDailyNews Take: New Macs are coming! New Macs are coming!

These six days are going to feel like an eternity!


    1. The new model numbers spotted in the filings are:


      These codes don’t appear to have any relation to existing Mac model lines. In 6 days we will know.

      If I was Schiller, I would be embarrassed to go on stage, ass and all, without being able to offer firm shipping dates for:

      an all new Mac Mini
      an all new Mac Pro
      all new displays in at least 2 sizes
      an affordable replacement for the MacBook Air (just replace the one port MacBook with a plastic 13″ model please)
      a keyboard replacement program for afflicted MacBook Pros
      one more thing: a public commitment to never let any Mac model go more than 2 years without either a refresh or a price adjustment.

      If Apple truly wanted to delight customers, it would also offer:
      – a commitment that all future models will offer cost effective 3rd party/user serviceability
      – free adapters when you buy a Mac so you can actually back up your iOS gadget to your new Mac
      – all new thicker 15″ and 17″ MacBook Pros
      – all new mid range Mac desktop that can be called on for server duty, easy to fit in a rack
      – all new Airports designed to enable secure home cloud hosting and meshing
      – all new iPods in at least 3 physical sizes
      – Aperture II
      – thoroughly improved iTunes 13

      If only Apple had enough money to do this today. Somehow Jobs did.

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